Pure Barre – my favorite work out so far

There is only one thing I am extremely passionate about right now is Pure Barre. It is one of the BEST thing that has ever happened in my life. Other best things such as my husband and  baby. Every day I must go to Pure Barre otherwise I will feel something important is missing. Pure Barre is a workout combines Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. Its line is: lift tone and burn.  If I am upset, I will come out with a happy smile each time I go to the class.

At first, it is overwhelming. I don’t know what I am doing. For every single movement, you will consume lots of energy when you do it precisely. It is not waving your legs randomly but do it with small tiny movement.  Your muscle will only change when you do it slow and tiny. I don’t understand how it changes the body at first and not until my 96 classes do I understand how to change myself through this work out. I become super concentrated and work very hard. The teacher will help me more when they see me lifting myself higher and stronger. It creates a virtuous circle. I feel like my whole life has changed for being in this community. I am stronger each single day.

There are also great women in this class too. They are highly-achieved, respectable and strong-willed. I feel inspired in this class every single day. There are also great teachers in the class. I really like them and eager to see them every day! I am so grateful to them.

This is by far the only work out that changes the physical shape and enhances my mental toughness. Thank you Pure Barre Fairfax!4391545880488_.pic



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