Prince William is officially one!

Baby William is officially one year old! We didn’t have a big birthday party for him. But we threw out a very warm family party, only me, Michael and Will’s grandmother! It is amazing to be with him and watch him grow up every single day. I believe all the parents have the same feeling with their kid.

I took a day off and stay at home to be with Will on his birthday. I took him to Fair Oaks Mall and bought new clothes for him. He is always very open-minded and friendly to all the people he met. He touched strangers nose and talked to them.  We also took him to the children play zone for the first time. He was so excited to be with other kids and couldn’t stop crawling and squeezing.

Right now, he likes to throw everything. Whenever there are books and water bottles within his reach, he will throw it on the floor. He is good at imitating people, such as winking the eye. I feel like he can understand most of the things we said. When we say light, he will point to the chandelier. He is always crawling and moving around with so much energy. We plan to teach him Cantonese, Chinese and English at the same time now since he understands everything.

One important thing is that we move to a new house. The area is spacious and have huge room for him to play. We love our new place! I am glad we move in before his 1st birthday! Can’t wait to create more meaningful experience with him.


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