Baby William 11 Months Updates

This little man is almost one year old. I think his personality pops out more this month. He is more like his dad, calm and peaceful.

Right now, he knows how to interact and entertain people. He likes to move his head back and forth, back and forth and watch us laughing. He also wants to imitate us, such as making funning sound and goofy expressions.

He can stand up now with his knee supporting himself and cruise around the house while holding something.

I stop breastfeeding now, and he can drink formula milk by his hand, which is what I think the best part that happened in his 11 months. He is not as interested in my breastmilk as before. However, one thing he needs to practice is that he cannot eat by his fingers yet. I heard my nephew can already grab food and feed herself even she is two months younger than William. My baby eats fish, lotus, yam, pork, chicken, avocado, banana and apple every day. His grandmother tries to prepare different nutrient food for him. He is so blessed to have a great caring, gentle grandmother looking after him. He is also doing toilet training right now. He poops every day at 11 am, just on time.

Every weekend, we bring him to see new places in D.C, such as the zoo. National library and botanical gardens. We had lots of a great time together as a family. He is adventurous and always putting himself in a precarious situation, such as trying to fall off from the high bed.


At night when it is nap time, he needs me badly. When I go to a bathroom at midnight, he will feel it, wake up and sit there calling “mama” with tears in his eyes. He is such a sweetheart. One day, a friend texted me asking me about William. I told her he is almost one year old. Can’t believe time flies so fast! We are ready to move to our new home soon to celebrate his one-year-old birthday! Stay tuned!

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