Baby MR. Potato 10-month update

Potato is growing so fast! This month he becomes a highly active tiny person. Potato is crawling everywhere. Sometimes he will pull to stand beside the crib.

On the one hand, he is brave — not afraid of falling off the bed and loves to explore everything without knowing the danger behind it. On the other side, he is terrified of swimming in the water.

What he is good at is he knows how to interact with people. We always communicate by saying “ahhh” “ahhhhhhh””ah””ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. It is like hearing him singing.

For eating habit, he still doesn’t know how to eat finger food. Grandma is always feeding him by spoon. He is spoiled.

I got Mastitis this month. He has ten teeth, and he is teething, biting and pulling my nipples. My nipple is cracked, my milk gets clogged in my breast.

This month we still read to him in Chinese. We played 100 silly songs to him every day.

He loves doing planking when daddy holds him high, and his goto yoga position is the downward dog.He loves the swing by the way. He couldn’t stop screaming happily on it. His favorite food is avocado, banana, and apples.

Last week, we brought him to Indianapolis for 4 days and we had a lot of fun there.

Since Halloween is approaching, I shopped a unicorn outfit for him at pottery barn kids. I am also starting to think about his one-year-old birthday cake smash session. I plan to do the photo session by myself. I am so excited about watching him grow every day!! I enjoy every moment looking at him, witnessing him and being with him. He is my guardian angel. ❤


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