Baby update – nine months!

I haven’t updated my blog since I went back to my hometown. It has been so busy in the last three months. We’ve traveled across the country to visit my relatives and friends. They all love William so much. He is such a happy adorable baby.😘


I took him to the doctor today and he’s gaining a lot of weight. Since his 6-month check-up, he gained 3 pounds and grew an inch. His head is still in the 97th percentile. The doctor said he is doing very well as usual.

I get to know better William’s characteristic and temperament in the past month. I adopted the “attachment parenting” method and try to understand my son’s need from his point of view and adjust myself to be a better mom. Our relationship is getting better and our knot is getting stronger.


He has been eating and enjoying all kinds of food such as veggies and meat. He is not picky at all. I feed him 4 times breast milk a day and I still need to breastfeed him before he goes to sleep at night.


He sleeps with us and usually 12 hours at night, 2 hours in the daytime.

Big changes

He has the army crawl down when he sees something he likes at the end of the eight months.

He can speak clearly mama and baba/dada and he especially likes dada. We are so proud of him. He also can say a whole sentence although I am not sure what he is talking about.

The doctor said by now he’s supposed to be pulling himself up on all sorts of furniture and “cruising” by now. It is helpful for his walking. He is a little behind. We are not worried about it at all and I’m sure he will eventually get to this point. He is very fast on growing his teeth—12 so far.

His favorite song is A Ram Sam Sam from “100 silly songs”. He stops crying once I sing the melody to him. 😆All babies love songs. It is important to sing, read and talk to your baby.

I am very satisfied with his development and I need to keep learning to be a better mom.

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