Baby Will 6 Months Update

Weight: 8KG

Height: 68cm

Head Circumference: 91% (Will has a big head~! like his dad)



Will is starting to eat solid food!! He shows intensive eager to eat food while watching us eating at the table. He just wants to grab the food on the plate and feels excitedly with every bite we take. The main food he eats is still breastmilk. My doctor suggested him to start fruit and veggie when he is 6 months old. I fed him breastmilk 3/4 times a day and rice cereal 1-2 times a time.



He sleeps 15 hours per day. He can sleep 12 hours straight at night without eating in the middle. Sometimes he needs the grandmother to put on her back to sleep using the baby carrier. Our pediatrics encourages our baby sleeps at sunset around 7pm and 8pm. We read him to sleep every night.



He doesn’t like his car seat very much. Whenever he sits in the car he would start to cry. We are trying different ways to distract him. He is getting better.

The rain has been going on for weeks and we seldom take him outside for a walk. He is very sensitive to loud car noise or strange sound.


He had lots of strength in his back since he is on his tummy time a lot.  Something he can practice more:

  • Grabbing toys from one hand to another
  • Reach toys in front of him


The most exciting thing for both of us is that we are going back to China tomorrow! I believe we will have lots of fun because we are going to meet our friends and family! Hope he can keep up the good work while going back home.

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