Baby Will Five Months Update

The sleeping giant has wakened now~~2551526069556_.pic_hd2561526069561_.pic_hd2571526069562_.pic_hd2581526069563_.pic_hd2591526069564_.pic_hd

Sleep pattern

He can still sleep 10-12 hours at night. He falls asleep around 8pm. In the morning, he wakes up at 5am looking for mommy and wants to have some breastmilk. I would put him on my bed feeding him both sides. After feeding, he would fall asleep again. In the daytime, he sleeps 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.


He eats 4 times breastmilk a day. We haven’t introduced him solid food yet. We will try next month to see whether he is ready.

Big movement

His eyes now follow the sounds. He is a highly alert baby. If daddy talks he will watch daddy. If mommy talks he watches mommy. His head turns back and forth.

He can roll over easy, from this side to that side.

He loves yelling at a high pitch.

He loves bathtime.

He loves to be surrounded by people and listening to talk.

I took lots of good pictures of him this month. I can’t wait to show you guys.


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