Postpartum Workouts Update

It has been almost 5 months since delivery of my baby. I become more and more energetic at Will’s fourth month. I chose the following three exercises for body recovery – swimming, pure barre core work out and personal training. I made exercise as my priority of daily life. I think along with eating well and exercising regularly you will get a stronger body than before.


I gradually get back to my breaststroke swimming routine. However, I feel like I am getting in a rut. Doing the same workout gets me bored. I feel the strong urge to learn other kinds of stroke such as freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. I started my 10-session swimming lesson at GMU. I think sign up a course is a good way to help me walk out my comfort zone and be committed to it. My coach Priya is a USA swimming team coach. She helped me break down the movement so that I can finally put together the arms, legs and breathe together after several rounds of practice. It is not hard anyway and a lot of fun.  It’s easy to get so focused on taking care of your family that I put my own needs last. I am glad I pick up a new skill and find joy in it. I also attend a peddling board boot camp over the weekend. Doing work out on the water is so much fun!!!

Pure Barre

There is a pure barre studio under my building. It is a just one-minute walk from my apartment. I am so glad that I join the membership last Friday. It is such a mind-blowing experience. The 50-min class is high intensity and fire up my abs. It is a combination of Ballet, Yoga, Pilates and fundamental core exercises. All the women in the studio are so strong and in good shape. I feel like I am the weakest person in the room. But I believe the more you do, the better you will get hang of it.  I like that after each part of body workout. We will give that part of the body a big stretch. The body muscle will be lean and long. The result of doing this exercise is fast. I can see the muscles pop up around my arm and core area already after 4 classes. The result is so fast! I can’t stop going to the studio every single day!

Personal trainer

I also talked about my personal training experience in my previous blog. I first discussed my training goal with my personal trainer Tara – losing body fat, build up upper body muscles and adjust my body posture, especially my spine. I practiced with her twice a week, one hour each session. She went over with me about all the equipment/ machines in the gym and told me how to use muscles correctly. One session we do upper body training and the next session we do lower body. Since I am a beginner, I have so many things to learn. She designed a 4-day program for me so I can work out by myself at home. I learned healthy work out with her.

I am so glad that I tried new things and find so much fun in it! Hope you can also find a postpartum workout schedule that fits for you!

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