The PERFECT Sony camera for new parent photographing baby

After my baby was born, I gradually feel like taking photos of my baby in a professional way is a must skill. The first year is full of precious, fleeting moments and I need to capture every bit of growth and development of him.

iPhone camera can no longer satisfy my need. I need a real DSLR camera to give me a nice bokeh (blurred background) effect. Professional photographers cannot capture William’s unique personality either. I feel frustrated browsing the final edits they sent to me.

The good side of all these frustrating moments is I finally get a DSLR camera and shoot on my own.  I bought a sharp prime lens and a full frame camera body that can capture all the details of dear son’s tiny little hands and feet, chubby face, cute eyes, big smile, hair, eyelashes, etc.

On the road to become a photography mom, my teacher is Me Ra Koh. During research, I bought several books on how to take photos of babies. The one I love the most is Me Ra’s book—“your baby in pictures”. She is a Sony brand ambassador. Inspired by her, I bought a 50mm Sigma prime lens and Sony A7R2.  Although they are EXPENSIVE, I am so glad that I bought them. The picture that comes out is mind-blowing. As a beginner, I don’t need to adjust the aperture, ISO and shutter speed. The automatic mode can do most of the things. It helps me build up my confidence and trigger my interest to shoot in manual mode.  Sony A73 just came out last month. I recommend parents also check this camera out.

The reason why I recommend Sony camera is:

1 lightweight/ portable

2 face-tracking mode- easy to use

3 high-quality sharp pictures—almost no need post-processing

The cons are:

1 high price range

2 bad battery life

Here are the photos I took with 50mm Sigma prime lens and Sony A7R2 camera, you can decide whether it is for you:



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