Personal training experiences at GMU

Postpartum update:

After delivering the baby, I have lower back pain issues, especially on the left side. I felt my spine has been curved and I need to change the posture immediately. Luckily, we joined the GMU gym two weeks ago which is a little bit late but anyway I start the body recovery journey!

In the past, my workout goal is to lose weight. I like to do cardio exercises such as running, swimming and rowing. However, my body situation is totally different now. I have a big baby with me and I need to strengthen my core, back and arm muscles to be a stronger woman. Losing some fat on my abs is also helpful. The upper body should be taken care of. I happened to see a brochure “personal trainer” at the front desk in the gym. I hope the tutor can introduce me to a very simple, effective routine and build up my body efficiently. I am an absolute beginner!! I chose the workout plan: design me a workout. After several days, the trainer Tara at GMU contacted me.

First session: overall assessment

She asked me about my general goal- what I want to achieve. She said several things to keep in mind:

1 Always warm up 10-15 min before doing cardio

2 Eat in a balanced diet to help build up the muscle: ¼ protein, ¼ bread, and rice, ½ veggies and fruit

3 Do 5 days exercise a week: one-day upper body, one day lower body

4 Breathe freely and deeply during each core-strength exercise: don’t hold the breath

Tara assessed my core strength by asking me to do the planking and push-ups. She also gave me some homework to work out at home. Not much workout today but learn some theory to help me build my body in a scientific way.

Second session: Upper body workout

We first did some upper body warm up. But don’t forget the first thing to do is the whole body warm up on the treadmill. We did several core exercise/ back stretch/ chest stretch and abs exercise. My arm is very small.

I think the good thing about personal training is that she can keep reminding you to use the certain part of muscles when you do the stretch.  They can tell you which part you didn’t do well. The one-hour session goes on very well.

If you are stuck in the same routine and want to break out of a rut like me, personal training might be good for you! I hope I can feel stronger, confident and more energized after this.

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