What I Wish I’d Known Before My Baby Was Born

As a first-time mom, I wish I’d known:

1 Live life to the extreme—learn as many things as you can/ go as many places as you could go

2 Mom please be HAPPY—sing and read to your baby every day even she/he is in your belly

3 Learn some photography skills: capture your baby’s everyday growth in a “professional way”

4 Cherish each minute after the baby was born: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME

5 Baby can sleep on his tummy if his neck is strong enough—it will make his head shape looks much better and he will sleep better

6 Epidural is totally fine

7 Yoga, core exercise, swimming, and birthing balls are perfect for prenatal mom

8 Hold your baby in your arms as often as you can after he was born

9 The nursing position is VERY important! If you bend your back all the time, you might have neck and lower back pain.

10 Your body can recover to fully workout after the baby is 90 days.

No matter you are a baby person or not. You will love your baby so naturally, after he/she was born. You don’t need to think about it and words “I love you” coming out of your mouth again and gain. Baby is the most cutie thing in the world! Mom, please be fully prepared to welcome this new wonderful little thing to your life!

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