Baby Will 4 Months Update

Our little pumpkin is 4 months old!  He finally knows who is feeding him! He has his eyes wide open every day and smiles at me. This forever stole my heart. He is becoming more engaging and alert. His clothes changes, his cries change, his expressions change—and best of all his personality starts to bloom! He is such a happy baby. I cannot stop kissing his chubby cheeks and chunky thighs!





We did the four months checkup today. Everything looks good!

Weight:7.5kg (birth weight: 3.5 kg)

Height: 64cm (birth length: 51 cm)

Sleep pattern:

Sleeping is still very important at this stage for the baby. His head grows when he is asleep. He can sleep 10 hours stretch every night — on his tummy. Each night we would put him on our bed and play for a while.

Eating pattern:

He is still 100% breastfed and eats 5 times a day. He began to grow teeth! I can’t believe it. He loves to put everything in his mouth—his feet, quilt, and hands. He loves grabbing his feet and chewing them. He just can’t stop laughing. He is also a fan of his hands.

Bath time:

He finally loves bathing time. The key reason for him to love bathing in the water temperature. We control it to 36 degrees. He is chill and happy all time when he is in the water. My mother-in-law also bought a portable swimming pool in China. We sometimes put him in there as well.

Language Skills:
He can speak quite a lot of baby words, which we cannot understand. But watching him speaking is very funny. I still read the news to him every day. It helps him to learn as many words as he can.

He rolled from belly to back all by himself for two times! Though he’s still not very good at doing this and hasn’t repeated it many times. He LOVES seeing his reflection in the mirror.

He is absolutely becoming much easier day by day and brings us more fun as he grows bigger! Parents remember, you are your kids favourite toys at this stage! Enjoy your moment with your little angels!

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