Baby Will 100 Days Update

Today my baby is 100 days!!! I blinked and he’s grown up on me. He is no longer a newborn anymore.

Below are some of his recent milestone:

1 His night schedule settles down and he can sleep 9 hours in a row on his tummy every night. Although the doctor recommends sleeping on his back, it seems impossible for him. He wakes himself up in 5 min if he sleeps on his back.

2 We talk, sing and read to him every day. I feel like each time after I read a story, he is smarter and brighter. He cannot stop talking to us, making different sounds. I can feel that his brain lights up and makes new connection.

3 He smiles more often and can laugh out loud. He smiles at me each morning when I wake him up. He just stares at me whenever he finds me. I know he loves mama’s face.

4 He only rolls over once during his first 100 days.

5 He can understand my feeling and emotions.  When I am sad or crying, he would stare at me for a long time without blinking his eyes. I feel like he is trying to say something to soothe me.

6 On his 100 days, which is today, he is no longer afraid of taking a bath.

7 His grandma brings a life ringing to him from China and he cries so badly. Hope the situation gets better!

8 He caught a cold last week. The virus came from me, unfortunately. His nose was stuffed and cannot sleep through the night. I use “Nosefrida” to help him suck the yucky things out. He felt better each time I do this.

9 He loves playing peekaboo with us. I usually use the quilt to cover my/his face. He giggles.

10 He enjoys watching computer screens and phone screens. When facetime with our relatives, he cannot take his eyes off the screen.

That is pretty much it about Will! As for me, I am planning to go back to China in May. My parent miss Will so much! I need to bring the little chubby boy back before he grows too big!!


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