Baby Will two months update


Well, there is a little delay here. Will is 2 months old already. He has reached all the milestones so beautifully. He grows from an unresponsive newborn to a highly-alert and active tiny person. He constantly smiles and talks to me when I am by his side. All the breastfeeding hard work pays off. I wonder how we could possibly love him more yet somehow we do.

We went to do a two-month routine check-up. His weight is 6.2 kg and height 61 cm. Dr. Mona said he is growing well. We changed his diaper size from 1 to 2. Below is a summary of his 2nd-month development.


The feeding goes on very well. I feed him every 3 hours in the daytime and 4 hours at night. I have plenty of milk supply so we both feel very lucky and blessed. He loves to stare at me while he is sucking. This makes me think of soulful eye contact.


He can go longer stretches during the night, around 5-7 hours straight. In the daytime, he still has lots of gas in his body and we need to burp him constantly. Otherwise, he would scream and cry loudly.  At the end of the 2nd month, he slept 4 days straight and all of a moment I felt him grow larger. We bought him a co-sleeper but somehow he doesn’t like it. The sleeping issue doesn’t make any difference. We return it eventually.

Physical development

He talks to us a lot, sounds like “ ah, oh, e, a gu” etc. He also talks a lot when he is exploring the world alone. He increased his head strength and head control. He is able to hold his head steady for a few seconds when changing to tummy position.He also starts to grow eyelashes. They are long and beautiful.

Psychological development

One day (on 01-27), I was reading an article to my mom and we found this little person was listening attentively. From that day on, my mom and I start to read to him every day. I like to read “The Rules for Students” as well as “Chinese Three Hundred Tang Poem”. Michael reads English articles and stories. Will is very alert when somebody looks at him even when he is sleeping. He cries badly for a few minutes and he could completely forget about it in the next few seconds. He even cries in his dream.

For us

Michael is doing great with the kid while I am away from home—he talks/reads/feeds him patiently and lovingly. There is no one else I’d want to do life with.Thank you, Michael! For me, I still cannot work out like before because my breast feels very heavy. The lower back pain issue has not been alleviated. Besides the body change, I have to devote almost all my time and energy to care for this little person. Whatever I do, I will think twice — one for me and one for baby Will. The responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical and responsible person is the biggest job in front of me.

All in all, being a mom has made me so tired and so happy. I feel stronger and weaker every moment with him.

I was naked.

I was armed.

The moment my eyes struck yours. — Elysian Fields 《the moment》



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