Baby William One Month Update

Only a day late but the baby is one month old! Newborn is literally growing so fast! He is 11 lbs now and he looks so chubby. If I don’t write it down, I am sure we would forget. This article is to record his weekly development in his first-month life.

First week: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding!

I went through from little breast milk to engorgement. My baby boy was very hungry at the beginning. He lost his weight and dropped one pound. Michael was so worried that he didn’t get enough to eat and was under lots of pressure. Luckily, the nipple soreness faded away on the 5th day with my mother-in-law and lactation consultant’s help. He could start to pick up the milk and cry less.

Second week: Diaper Rash

He was sucking so well and gained weight back to 8 pounds this week. However, he had terrible diaper rash! Breastfeeding baby’s digestion system is much better than formula feeding baby.  Since my baby is a breastfed boy, he peed and pooped like crazy. Sometimes 20 times a day. That is why he got diaper rash since his skin is so soft and sensitive. We didn’t pay attention to this issue at first. However, the rash was getting worse day by day, we went to emergency on Christmas Day and saw the general doctor. With extra detailed care, the situation got better in the third week.

Suggestions: Every new parent should put some preventive diaper ointment after changing the diapers. Remember to keep his bottom very dry before putting on a diaper.

Third week: Open eyes and explore the world

This week, he started to gain weight quickly. We introduced Vitamin D during breastfeeding. We also started tummy time with him. His showed his ability to lift his head high. He is so alert and interested in what is going on around him and has the most expressive little face. He started smiling at us every time he finished feeding. He also loves watching me when I sing. He made lots of progress this week.

Fourth week: Chubby Baby

Everything set into a routine. I feed him every three hours and change his diapers every 90 min. I can tell whether he is hungry, pee or needs cuddle. His current love is cuddle and kisses from mom. He also falls in love with bath time. He surprised us on the 31st day with 5-6 hours stretches. I got the hang of breastfeedingbathing, burping and handling my baby and have settled into a routine that is much more manageable.He got those amazing chunky arm rolls and thunder thighs. Every day he looks different!

The past month has flown by and I want to thank my mother-in-law and husband.  I can’t recover so well without their help. Thanks to my baby who came into my life last month. We cannot imagine living our life without you. Here’s the toast to one month baby!

One thought on “Baby William One Month Update

  1. Ross Hunt says:

    It goes so quick! I can’t say I miss that early stage, I really struggled with it, but I know my wife already looks at our 8 month old and almost has a feeling she wants a baby again 😂

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