We got a traffic ticket near our home!

On Nov 14th, Michael got his 3rd ticket since we were in the States. He drove 25 miles above the speed limit because he was thinking about something else at that time. Too many works at the time of the year for him.  The police pulled us off and at first, he told him he was reckless driving. Michael was a little bit impatient and told him he was following the traffic flow. Luckily, the police didn’t find any speeding record of him in the states of Virginia.  He just gave him a mild warning with $100 fine. Thanks, god! I was so scared in the car.

The 1st ticket he got is a speeding ticket when we did the cross-country road trip in 2016. He drove too fast and didn’t notice the police. The police were hiding in a corner. The fine was $200.

The 2nd time is a block-intersection ticket in Fairfax, VA. We don’t know the rule of block-intersection here. The fine was $100.


We need to be really careful in the future!

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