Secret Baby Shower


Molly planned the biggest surprise ever in our life. She threw a baby shower for us. We are so blessed and thankful.  The whole decoration is very delightful and beautiful. So many people care about our baby William. There are gifts and desserts in the room. Our heart melted. Molly, Morgan, Micah, and Justin are so sweet.

Molly organized several games during the baby shower including:

1 Guess mom’s belly measurements use napkins

2 Guess baby product price

3 Guess the baby food

4 Mom and daddy diaper competition

5 Mom and daddy feed each other with milk bottle

The games were so interesting and funny. Everyone was entertained by the mom and daddy feed each other with a milk bottle. As a mom-to-be, I cannot be happier. I will remember this forever.

Wish me a safe and sound delivery! Still, have 10 days to go…

PS: Thank you, my dear Bianca, for sending this cutest outfit from Australia. We are so in love~

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