maternity photoshoot in D.C

We just did maternity photoshoot yesterday at Erin Haupt Garden in D.C.  It is a public garden in the Smithsonian complex. The garden is very lovely, romantic and pretty. There are so many stunning places in DMV area. We arrived at 9:30am that day and few people were in the garden. The weather was perfect! The photographer we invited this time is Amy. This is the 3rd time we hired her to shoot the most important moment for us. The moments we shared with her are the civil wedding ceremony, engagement photo shoot, and maternity photoshoot.

I didn’t do much research before hiring any photographers. The way I know about Amy is through Groupon. Her price is very cheap and we just want to invite a professional to record the civil wedding ceremony. I didn’t think much of the style the photographers or even research her previous works. I think as long as she has a camera then that is fine.

It is kind of new for me to invite photographers to shoot for special occasions. In China, we don’t emphasize on engagement, maternity, fresh-48 and newborn photos. However, people in the US treat it as one of the most important investments in their lives. The experienced and high-end photographers who specialize in portraits can shoot breathtaking pictures. They are usually booked one year beforehand. It is a worthy investment for the long term,

I have stayed in the US for three years already and this is going to be my fourth. The first time I invited photographers is for my NYU graduation ceremony. My best friends suggested that we should shoot our graduation photos together and invite our family members to attend as well. The photographer’s editing style is the bright color with blue tone and feels like losing the natural color of the original pictures.

For Amy’s style, she likes to put people in a big environment without focusing on much detail of the person. Personal speaking, the maternity photo shoot should focus more on the expecting mom. However, I found that our maternity photo shoot is more like a couple photoshoot. For the light exposure, it is sometimes either over or underexposed. Anyway, we can pick at least 4-5 pictures we like among 220 proof she gave us. The most common instructions she gave us during the session is look at each other and kiss.  In the future, we will be more careful choosing a photographer that fits my style. Of course, I also need to invest a good camera and learn to take good pictures myself. Don’t always rely on other people to do the job for you.

Anyway, I learned a lot about different photographers’ style during the whole September! Art is priceless. Good photographers are artists and some of their work is invaluable due to his/her taste and quality. It is not the price tag I value artist in the future but improve my inner-self and truly focus on the value/love/style they deliver. If you can become a photographer by studying their pictures and practicing by yourself, that is even cooler!

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