Pregnancy daily update: counting baby movement

When my baby kicks the most during the day?

Well, I start to feel my little baby movement when I was 20 weeks pregnant. During that time, my baby’s movement was mild and gentle. Since I have lots of fat on my belly, I can hardly felt him at the beginning.

Right now, I am 29 weeks pregnant, my baby’s kicking and punching is getting stronger and more often:

He kicks the most:

1 after I have a good meal:

Because he eats delicious food from mama and has more strength and power to kick

2 after I go to pee at midnight –it is his most active time in a day

Because mama wake him up from his sound sleep

3 when I listen to peaceful music

Because he can feel mama’s lifted spirit

4 when I am in the theater watch movie

Because the movie audio is so loud that makes him annoying

5 when I sit too long in front of the desk

He cannot swim inside anymore and have to stay in one position for a long time

Anyway, the strange thing is he moves day and night and kicks all the time. I heard people said that babies in the womb sleep 17 hours a day, just not my case.

What about your baby?  What is his/her movement pattern? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us share.


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