Pregnancy update week by week

I knew I was pregnant at 5 am on April 4th.  I tried different test stripes, and the results were all positive. My period cycle was always 28 days. When it was not on time, I knew some big thing might happen. The first person I told was my husband, Michael. He was still sleeping. I told him I was pregnant and he couldn’t believe it at first. I said it was true. He then became excited. Then I texted my mom right after I told Michael. She was so happy for me as well.

I had taken a prenatal vitamin for months before I knew I was pregnant. It is a mature decision. During the first three months, I was craving for Thai food and spicy food. I hate the smell of meat. Lucky thing is I didn’t vomit or feel nausea as most expectant mothers do. I felt comfortable with my body. We mainly ate fruit and vegetables. We met our OB doctor when I was 11 weeks pregnant. She did the sonogram for me and we saw my baby boy the first time. He was very very tiny but already had a human body shape. My doctor said,” Congratulations! You have one baby — that is what most of the people like to hear!”

My weight gained 2 kg every two months. After I was six months pregnant, I could eat some meat. I also began to eat fish gelatin which every Cantonese eat during pregnancy. My mother-in-law brought it from China.  She said it is perfect for the baby’s skin. After I ate it for 1 month, I did start to realize my skin glow and shine from within after I eat this every single day. Everybody said I had that kind of glow as a mom-to-be!

During my 27 weeks, I started to do prenatal yoga at Sun&Moon studio. I met lots of friends there. The first time, I felt that I am not alone in my motherhood journey. We shared our feelings every week in the class. The teachers are very friendly and nice. I enjoyed a lot talking with mom. They are angels. Something bad also happens this week: Stretch marks appear at the bottom of my belly this week. I also started to shop around some maternity clothes for my bigger belly. I suddenly realize it is so comfortable to wear maternity clothes.

During 28 weeks, I did my routine OBGY visit and they booked some tests for me; seven Blood test /Glucose screening test/ Urine test. I passed all of them luckily. My OB doctor was not on duty that day. I met another highly experienced doctor Rebecca Fila and bonded with her instantly. I decided that I might need to change a physician.  I strongly feel that my first OB doctor was not so patient. She always tried to finish every visit in 5 min. Good news for her is that she is also pregnant with her first child during my 4th-time visit.

During 29 weeks, my baby boy kicked and rolled a lot. When I touched my belly, he has the reaction to me. He will kick where my hand puts. It is a good way of in communication with mom. Hello, from the other side!  I also took my maternity photoshoot during the weekend. I have a full blog post in another article.

During 30 weeks, I announced my pregnancy on social media. My friends and families are so happy. It is such a joy to share this news with my friends. Everyone is looking forward to seeing my baby.

During 31 weeks, I did my routine check and baby’s head is already very low. His head is down and his position is great. Everything is normal according to the doctor. My nephew was also born in this week. He was so cute.  I got lots of suggestions from my brother on what to eat and he told me I should exercise more.

During 32 weeks, my colleagues start to worry about my work transition. We have several meetings that week to talk about who should do my job and how I allocate my job. Michael and I went to eat crabs that week and it was one of our best moment of the month. We also shared lots of ideas on baby’s names. The English name is easy but Chinese name is really hard. Everyone has so many opinions and suggestions.

During 33 weeks, we went to visit lots of Childcare centers. We found Windwood and merit academy are our favorite. However, it costs lots of money. I wrote this topic in the article called” find the best daycare for our son”. I also started to teach my colleague to do my job. I usually trained her 2 hours a day. On Saturday, we finished watching a Chinese TV drama “day and night”. We binged watching for a whole day at home.

During 34 weeks, my friend Alana came to visit for 2 days. It was Holloween weekend. “Stranger Things” came out as well. I like the second season better than the first. It was so well done! Michael bought a Kaiser insurance after he gained his H1B visa status. We went to see my OB doctor and all is fine. His primary doctor is also a very nice man. Michael has a chronic knee problem and he got to do the MRI 7 years after the athletic injury. To get his knee fixed is our biggest wishes this year.

During 35 weeks, it is the most gorgeous time of the year, the leaves all turned red/yellow/orange. The view is breathtaking everywhere. I cannot concentrate on my work very well and I felt I need more sleep. This week is tired and last night I had a terrible leg cramping and I screamed out loud during I was sleeping. The body is getting more uncomfortable. I asked my husband to do a message on my calf. However, he did just touch my thigh and fell asleep again. My mother-in-law came to our place this week and hope things will get easier.

To be conitnued…




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