First consignment sale experience

For those who don’t know about consignment sale, it is an offline platform for parents to sell and buy second-hand children stuff. The second-hand market has been very developed in the US. We never have this kind of event in China since this market does not exist yet.

We had our first consignment sale experience last Saturday. It was so large and so many people. 80% of the space was for clothes sale. We were lost and didn’t get the things we want. I think probably we were too late and lots of good stuff had been picked. (Early birds catch the worm. Who doesn’t love good deals?)

Some background: our baby is about to due in December this year. Some big stuff we already bought for him is Infant car seat, stroller frame, cribs, mattress, etc. We want to get some second-hand stuff for him, such as infant toys, books, swings, etc. There are several ways we can buy used baby stuff: apps–offer up, Craigslist, eBay, consignment sale events, goodwill stores, etc. To get cheap new stuff, we can also shop around at the end of the clearance season. We often hear people say: Never purchase a product at its full price. Retailers always have discount sometime in the year. For most of the mom, especially infant stuff, we don’t need to give them everything that is the best since they grow up so quickly. Anyway, we found several events online and joined the sale.

Here is some thought after I attended the consignment event:

1 come as early as possible, even pay for the early entrance fee

2 know the list of stuff you want to buy and hit the area on your priority list first

3 bring a big cart/Ikea bags

4 do research on popular toys/books etc. before you come

5 avoid in contact with bodily fluid product: cloth diapers, milk pump, bath scrubs, car seat, etc. The baby immune system is weak in the first several months.

6 shop smart using your phone: some used product price might be the same as a new product price (I bought a new my breast friend pillow at $19.99 the other day. The used pillow tag price there is $20.)

Hope you enjoy the article and leave a comment below to correct me or share some of your experience in consignment sale purchase!


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