Prenatal Yoga is so beneficial for mom-to-be!

I signed up my first prenatal yoga class during my 26 weeks. I want to do some breathing and stretching exercise for my natural birth. No matter I took the epidural or not, I tried to take more effort to make my vaginal delivery experience easier. I signed up two classes one is in Virginia hospital center and another is in sun and moon yoga center.

Since I was pregnant, I didn’t do much exercise. I used to run/jog a lot. However, I became lazy and only walked on a daily basis. Sometimes, I didn’t even go for a walk. My stretch mark started to appear when I still have 90 days to go (beginning of the third trimester 27 weeks) I heard that constant exercises will help reduce stretch mark. My weight also gained much faster than I was expected.

My teacher at sun and moon yoga is called Melinda. She is a super nice lady. She has taught yoga for 1000 hours in the past 5 years. She is amicable, mild and gentle.  I am the only foreigner in the class.  She makes me feel my size, age, and background doesn’t matter on my yoga journey! When I think of Melinda, I associate her with the Buddha. Overall, prenatal yoga strengthens your core muscle and stretches your body. At the same time, it is also very relaxing. I like the whole experience in the class. You can also get some new information as well.  I strongly encourage mom-to-be to attend the class because you can meet other new companions~

Below is some background of my yoga teacher:

Melinda Hofstetter   Melinda has her 200-hour teacher and 85-hour prenatal teaching certifications. After 20 years in the Marine Corps, the transition from Marine to dedicated yoga teacher might seem unusual but was a natural one for her. She strives to guide her students to grow toward physical well-being and self-discovery while emphasizing postures in terms of what is right and safe for each individual. Your size, age, and background don’t matter on your yoga journey! Melinda also emphasizes alignment, core strength, and fluidity that she’s learned from her love of dance. Her favorite saying is “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing” said by George B. Shaw.

Here is the link to sun and moon yoga at Fairfax:

Each class is about $16. The class size is small. Highly recommend this yoga place!


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