We did our first Lasik Surgery at Lasik Plus! –08/25/2017

Michael, my husband did his first Lasik Surgery in Lasik plus, Alexandria last Friday. It located on the beautiful old town king street. The architecture and street view are very pretty.

His eye glass fell on the ground a month ago and prepared to change a pair of glass in Tyson’s corner on August 3rd.  However, the woman in the glass store was a little bit rude and we decided to do it in Costco.

On August 13th, the salesgirl in Sunglass Hut suggested him to try contacts. In that case, he doesn’t need to have a pair of glasses on his nose. Michael never tried this before and eager to take a shot.

The next day, Michael booked an appointment at Costco for his contact exam. Molly suggested him to do Lasik Surgery. He said Michael is in a perfect age to do Lasik. After hearing this, I searched the best Lasik Center in Fairfax Country area on Yelp and I found Lasik Plus.

On August 17th, I read over all the Yelp review of Lasik Plus center and found that they have a relationship with Eye-med. We can save around $800 on the surgery. I brought the certificate and put it in the bag with me.

On August 18th, we went in and did a free consultation. They said Michael is a perfect candidate for Lasik. The surgery called wave light IntraLase. The total fee for two eyes is $3,470. The doctor also gave us three prescriptions: steroid eye drops, antibiotic eye drops, and Ambien that we can pick up at Costco pharmacy one week beforehand.

On the day of surgery, we went to Alexandria office. We found the parking lot for 10 min. It seems like the whole old town Alexandria is under construction. The office environment is cozy and ambient. Ten people were already sitting there. Front desk ladies were very helpful and ready to answer all your questions clearly. The doctor will check your prescription once again on your procedure day. Dr. Will talked to my husband and he said his case was very straightforward. His family members also took the same surgery.

Michael’s surgery started at 3:05 pm and ended at 3:18 pm. Dr. Wills said Michael’s surgery was very successful. When he walked out, he said he could see me very clearly without wearing eye glasses. His prescription used to be 450 and 475. Mom and I were so happy.

We arrived home at 4:43 PM. He felt his eye burning badly along the way and he couldn’t get off the car. He could hardly open his eyes. H took ambient sleeping pills and fell into deep sleep. Waking up at 9:20 pm, he could see everything. It is really magic!

I am glad we did the life-changing surgery and select the Lasik plus center! My husabnd is happy about the experience. Contact me if you have any questions on your Lasik surgery:



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