I have heard the honest company for a while. The founder is Jessica Alba. However, the business model is a lie to all the customers. How can such a dishonest company still exist?

I heard from some YouTubers that you could get free baby samples from Honest.com. You just need to pay the $5.99 shipping fee. There are two different kinds of bundles to choose from “baby diapers&wipers” and “cleaning&bath products”.  I signed up for this two different kinds of bundles on July 14th. I got the free samples the next day. which I think is quick. Since my baby is not born yet, I haven’t tried it out.


On July  24th, I received a giant box from honest company surprisingly. The value in the box is $122. I have no idea that I bought these products. I checked my honest online account and found out that I was being signed up the bundles by the company without my knowledge or consent. I checked on Google whether other people have the same experience as mine. I found out that everyone is complaining that they were being signed up for the bundles automatically without notifying. This creepy business behavior is just like Wells-Fargo secretly opened 2 million unauthorized phony credit cards accounts without notifying their customers. Besides this, the most annoying thing is that I cannot cancel the subscription online, remove my credit card information or delete my account. People must call them to cancel the subscription. The averaging waiting time over the phone is several hours. This is such a dishonest company. I am so disappointed with you Jessica Alba and your confusing company. Good luck with all your company lawsuits!

I don’t even bother to try their products now. I already lost trust in this company in the first place.

Lesson to learn: Nothing is free in this world!