I was among the 199,000 H1B lotteries this year. I am a master of art student majoring in integrated marketing. I graduated from NYU SPS in 2016.

I started to prepare for my H1B application in January 2017 and got my visa successfully approved in June 2017. Just want to share some of my experience with you: You don’t need to be so panicked under Trump’s H1B reform. Just be very careful with each preparation step. The USCIS is very tough. Some small mistakes in the docs might get you denied.

I work at a digital marketing start up. My company doesn’t have a long-term immigration lawyer, so my supervisor suggested me to do some research and found the lawyer I felt comfortable with. It is so important to find a lawyer with extensive experience in marketing.

1.19 started to extensively research lawyers all over the US: Chicago, SF, NYC, LA, DC, ect. I contacted them with email one by one

2.16 contacted the lawyer I wanted to work with for the 1st time

2.18 started to prepare for material for one week

4.18 found out my check got cashed

6.12 got approval notice from USCIS

Some tips:

1 Allocate your job into percentage: how much time you spent on digital marketing/ how much time you spent on branding material

2 Attach all the related marketing certificate

3 Print out all the job samples that are helpful

4 Treat the H1B application as RFE process (My lawyer sent out around 60 pages of documents to USCIS. I guess that is the reason I got approved so fast.)

If you have any questions regarding marketing H1B visa application, please contact me: yellowsnow92727@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I will try to respond you in two days.