DIY Home decor: Mark Pen and Spoon Painting

Inspired by Mr. Kate’s painting, last night, I used 30 min to do a fast spoon art. We have moved in Fairfax, Virginia for almost half a year. We haven’t meticulously decorated our home yet. The wall is blank and dull. I think maybe I can do some DIY painting at home to bring in life and design. I browsed Youtube and found Mr. Kate’s spoon art. The tutorial was very easy to learn, and I firmly believe I could do it by myself too. I went to Michael’s store and bought two canvas which size are 24“*16” and a paints pigment set. The price total is only 20 dollars.


  • Middle-size spoon
  • a blank canvas (we used 24″ x 18″)
  • acrylic paint in various colors in a set (not my choice)
  • wet wipes(to keep spoon clean between colors)
  • hair dryer – to speed up drying time

The color choice of this set is limited. If I follow Mr. Kate’s tutorial, I calculated the pigment they would cost me $200. The size I bought is much smaller, and color choice is little. I followed her tutorial, but the final look comes out less satisfactory. I think there are three reasons:

First and foremost, lacking in experience. I haven’t done any painting since 15 years old. It has almost been ten years.

Second, limit knowledge on color matching. If we compare KATE’s painting with me, her work has more contrast and the whole art looks harmonious.

Third, the quality of pigments or the knowledge of pigment, I should buy something better quality and have a deeper thought on ideal color palette next time.

Although mine is not as good as Mr. Kate’s picture, however, it is personal. It is not a piece of art that everyone can buy in the store. Amy Adam in the movie “Big Eye” once said, art is a personal thing. Nobody can replace the feeling of the author.

All in all, it is a nice try. Hope third time works the charm!


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