Our First Experience with Swiss Fondue

Today I want to introduce a very interesting food culture: Swiss fondue. We had a chance to eat fondue because Michael’s professor from UC Davis sent us a $200 gift card for a famous fondue restaurant. My mom came to visit us last month, so we decided it is a time to have a try. I am very excited. When I was in New York, my friends kept telling me how good it is, but I never tried. When they mentioned cheese fondue, they got stars in their eyes.

It was very cold on that day. And it was a perfect time for the family to sit together to have a warm, nice melting fondue. The decoration in the store was dim with red, warm light everywhere. The store smells good. It is different from other traditional restaurants in the US. People usually came here with a big group. I could see people of all ages, from grandparents to grandchildren. There were cute little pots on each table with Cheese inside. At first, I thought will we dip all the meat and vegetables in the cheese fondue tonight? If then how can we eat?  As a Chinese, we seldom ate Cheese. I remember when I was with Bianca in California, she took a slice of cheese and put in the mouth directly. Kind of one of the eastern and western cultural difference I came across in the US,

Swiss Fondue is a three-course meal:

1 Cheese fondue dipping

2 Main course—traditional hot pot

3 Chocolate dessert fondue

The first course is very interesting. The waitress heated the pot and the cheese melted in the pot. She added some cauliflower, carrots, peppers and mushrooms in it. Then we swirled and dipped the bread in the cream cheese pot. It is a completely new experience for us. Never eat like this before! Very excited.

Second course: main course. We ordered seafood, beef and teriyaki chicken. All the food is fresh and marinated already.  I love the lobster and scallops the most. There are many dipping sauces available, sweet and sour, spicy, etc.  We can choose 6 of them and put them in our cute square plates.

Third Course: Chocolate fountain fondue. The pot heated to 150F, and the chocolate melted to liquid form. We dipped strawberry and all sort of fruit in the fondue. It was delicious but too high calorie for us. I don’t think I would want to eat it again. We felt like won’t come here in the future. We left the waitress 50 Dollars tips, the rest of the gift card.

Overall, Swiss fondue, very funny experience but no second time! Love Chinese food better. Respect other culture’s food. 🙂


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