Best TV Show of 2016

1 Stranger things
I was both scared and fascinated by the story itself at the same time. The background music and shooting techniques make me feel frightened. The story itself is warm-hearted and intriguing. Very complex feelings are watching this but relieved until it ends. Become Mille Bobbie Brown’s fan after this. My husband finished eight episodes on Saturday night from 8 pm to 4 am in the morning. I also finished on Sunday. Once you started, you can never stop watching. I heard the 2nd season is coming, can’t wait to see it!!!

2 The Crown
It is a historical TV show recording Elizabeth Era from English Royal family. The perspective of telling the story is fresh and touching. I kept crying seeing the moments Queen Elizabeth went through in her life, such as her husband’s nonsupport, her father’s death, and her difficulties in the war era. She is a great and unique woman in our time. She always shows care and love to people, just like Mother Teresa. Also waiting for Season 2.

3 Westworld
The imagination and creativity of this show are beyond words. We follow this show every week and were surprised at each episode’s ending. It is an inversion drama. We could never predict the ending, and sometimes it is hard to understand what the director is trying to tell us. There are a bunch of questions in my head, and I decide to let them go. Waiting for Season 2!!!

Next show I am going to conquer is Game of Throne~ I heard there are 7 seasons….

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