The year 2016 in a glance

The most heartbreaking moments in 2016

2016 is a tough year for the world. Trump becomes the president-elect of Divided States of America. Brexit: The United Kingdom left the European Union.  Many legend people left us: George Michael/Prince/David Bowie–pop stars, Carrie Fisher-Star War Princess Leia, Rene Angelil-husband of Celine Dion, Actor Alan Rickman- Harry Potter’s Professor Snape, Iris Apfel’s husband, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Bill Cunningham-legendary NY Times City photographer and more. For big companies, Yahoo, Twitter, Samsung, Wells Fargo also have a terrible year. One billion user accounts of Yahoo are hacked.  Samsung Galaxy 7 went up in smoke and fire. Wells Fargo Bank opened 2 million bank accounts or credit cards without customers’ knowledge or permission.  CEO Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, once my role model, net worth this year plunged from 4.5 billion to zero because of cheating the public. ISIS terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium/ Nice, France/ Orlando LGBT clubs, US/ Berlin night market, Germany/ Istanbul airport bombs, Turkey/ shocked the globe. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their split after 12 years and six children together; Zika virus became a global emergency at the beginning of 2016: thousands of babies were born with undeveloped brains. Fatal shootings of police officers skyrocketed in 2016 with 64 deaths. 2016 climate trends continue to break hot records. It has been the hottest year ever recorded.  Numbers of Syria refugees up 675% from 2015, 13,210 in total. Is 2016 the worst year for America, humanity, and our planet?

Highlight moment in 2016

For Michael and me, 2016 has been a good year. Getting married to Michael is the best and most important decision I have ever made. Another thing is I finally graduated from NYU and no need to go back to school anymore. I have spent my last 21 years at school and couldn’t be more bored with it. I love real-life challenge instead of finishing projects and assignments in the ivory tower. Now I am working with great and amazing people – couldn’t be happier. I also become a minimalist and try to control my impulsive consumption behavior. My wardrobe becomes empty and spacious. I have my four wisdom teeth extracted. Thumbs up! I start to read more thought-provoking books. These are positive changes in my life.

2017 New Year Resolution: Quit Social Media

Another thing I keep thinking about recently is why girls in our era worry about liked so much? I grew up with a strong desire of being likable and perfect. I spent most of my time back at home on QQ Zone, Weibo, RenRen, Facebook, Twitter and Wechat trying to build up a likable image. I care very much about how people think of me. I posted too many useless pictures, and words on social media. I believe I will quit social media in 2017 and spend my time on the more important things. I will become 25 years old next year. Many people have already achieved something at this age. Maybe I will start from something small next year and work on it. I am not only want to be a likable person but a thoughtful and powerful female.

What about your 2016 ?

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