How to cut hair for yourself and significant others at home?

Several weeks ago, I happened to watch several Youtube videos: how people cut hair for themselves at home. That is a pretty cool idea. I had never thought about this when I was in China. The labor is usually cheap in my country, and stylists can always cut lovely and most trendy hairs. However, after I came to the US, whatever related to labor, the price is insane. Last time, when I was in FedEx trying to ship out some products, I asked the staff to help me do the packaging. They charged me 35 bucks simply for the labor, let alone $200 shipping fee. I was upset about it for days. Thirty-five dollars just for bubbles, papers, and simple wrapping?  The lesson I have learned is for everything related to labor in this country I should do it myself, including the haircut.

My first guinea pig, to my surprise, is my beloved husband. Several weeks ago, I tried to help him pull out some gray hair, and during the process, we built up mutual trust. He granted me the right to do his whole haircut in the future. I was very excited. I immediately purchased some professional tools on Amazon:

  • A hair Gape ($14)
  • A water spray ($1)
  • A pair of professional hair thinning scissors ($1)
  • A Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper Kit ($17)

All the things add up to total just 24 dollars. Think about it, each time we drive 20 minutes and spend $15 on a haircut each month. In 5 years, we could save $2500 on a haircut. One thing I don’t like for the low-budget barber shop is that everything is highly standardized. For men haircut, they just use the clippers, trim each hair in 5 minutes then it’s done. They do it without feelings. I was surprised by their speed and disappointed by the result. For the high-end salon, the price is too high. We don’t feel it worths the money.Why not do it myself? If we cut carefully, even for the first time, it would never be a disastrous hairstyle. I couldn’t wait to start it.

First Step: Clean up Michael’s neckline

Michael has a long neck, and I first helped him clean up the edges, get rid of neck hair and bring up the neckline higher.  I use Wahl hair blade to shave the neck hair. The final look in the back will be a square and cleaned edge hair line.

Second Step: Trim the hair around ear

Then I will do the hair around the ears: use the edge of the trimmers to come in and working up and back towards the ear.

Third Step: Cut the top

I found Michael’s hair is thick and sturdy. The funny thing is one scissor I brought from China broke into two parts due to his thick hair.  I tried to use a thin scissor to thin the top of hair first. Then I slowly lift the cutters after each drag through his hair.

Anyway, segment the hair into sections, cut it with your heart and it won’t be hard. Practice makes perfect! Ooops, I did it .. …!

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