How different people react to my marriage?

  • Truly happy for me type – my family and best friends
  • Distant type – usually male
  • Curious type – oh you are married! Who is that guy?
  • Don’t care type – totally indifferent
  • Challenge type–Does my husband have a Green card? Do I have a green card?

I got married as soon as I graduated from NYU. I know this is very fast. I couldn’t believe it either. But we are deeply in love with each other, so we said let’s get married. We only have a court clerk to officiate. Nothing really fancy. After we post our civil wedding ceremony pictures on social media, we received different reactions from friends.

Type One: My family and Mike’s family

They are 100% support our marriage. They flew 20 hours from China and came to witness our ceremony. Throughout my two-year relationship with Mike, they are the most supportive parents in the world. No matter what happened, they always play the role as a reconciler. Both sides parents are excellent.


Type Tow: Distant

They are used to be some guys texting or messaging me from time to time. Now zero. They disappeared. More peaceful and quality time now! Thank you. Bye-bye


Type Three: Curious type

Who is that guy? Why did you get married so fast?

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 3.26.39 PM.png

Type Four: Indifferent

I don’t care about what happened to you.


Type five: We get married because either each one of us has green card

  • Does he have a green card?
  • Oh, I remember you have a green card, right? Me: …. …. ……

Unfortunately, neither do we have. Is green card our ultimate goal? NO.


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