Our Fall Engagement Photoshoot At National Arboretum

It has been three weeks since my last update. We have been very busy with our work recently. Michael and I had our 1st engagement photo shoot at D.C National Arboretum last Sunday. We supposed to do it much earlier but since fall is the best season for the romantic scene. So we postpone it. National Arboretum was adorable and breathtaking on that day. Fall color was popping out everywhere–so much warm color, love, and coziness! Nature is an artist, and it gave us the best backdrop for all those unforgettable memories.

We took this engagement photo shoot just simply want to record how blessed we are to such charming nature, and are so grateful for all the things we have. I chose a very casual outfit, a plaid shirt with jeans. I helped Michael select a new refined sweater. I thought his top reflects his genteel characteristics very well. I pressured myself to enhance my makeup skill to show the best of me on the photo day.

This is our second corporation with the photographer Aubrey–from Ginger Snap Photography (http://www.pinupbyginger.com). She is a kind and nice woman. We love all the pictures she takes for us. I think we will continue come back to her in the future. Thank you for your great job, Aubrey!!!

Don’t waste time. Let us see some pictures together!

Fall is awesome!


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