Grow old with Iris Apfel—Five tips to stay young at the nineties

Iris Apfel is 95 years old and eccentric fashion legend in our era. Luxury brands and top shopping mall use her name to host events. At the age of 90s, she flew around the world to make speeches. She used to be a successful interior designer and textile maker. She helped to design interior decoration for several presidents. I saw her documentary yesterday on Netflix and found so many pearls of wisdom on her. In 2005, her personal clothes collection was exhibited in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (One of the largest and most prestigious museums in the world) and gained a huge success. Visitors who saw the exhibition found great pleasure in it. They are not only fascinated by her dynamic pieces but also her personality. I have seldom seen any elder people in her age have had such a high-quality life. Her sharp and clear voice is still hovering in my head. Here are some of the tips  Iris gives us:

1 On her staying young

She gets more than 50 phone calls each day and received 3-4 interviews a week. How can she always have such high natural energy and give sarcastic comments and feedback to others? Her interview shows me elderly can think as fast as young in brain tasks. Her answers are very funny, and I can’t stop admiring her. She finds much joy and pleasure talking with people during the interviews.In her apartment, you can see a house with toys, dolls, and decks of colorful clothes. The Christmas atmosphere is going on and on in her house for more than half a year. She said,” I am always curious about everything and add a sense of humor when talking with people. You have to do that to stay young.” Lesson: Being genuine to yourself, staying curious and maintaining a sense of humor

2 On Cosmetic Surgery

She is strongly against plastic surgery. These days there are too many artificial beauties in our life. The standard of the beauty is significantly homogenized. People are chasing about the ideal of beauty and hope to become an overnight sensation after the change of a smaller nose, bigger breasts, and a tighter tummy. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, homemakers, white collars and even college students are crazy about plastic surgeries. Many of the stars try to look the same nowadays. However, this is a risky and addictive business. Once you start to do it, there is no end, and very often you will get an unpleasant result. You once have a beautiful and fresh face, and now it may be even less attractive than before. People will get anxiety and depression after the cosmetics surgery fails. According to Huffington Post, a study by the Aesthetic Surgery Institute found that just under a third of patients were unhappy with some aspect of their facelift
Love yourself and your face. Having a strong personal style is more important than being pretty. Pretty will fade away as time passes. Style won’t.

3 On people

Iris always cares about other people and speaks funny of young folks. People no matter what age has so much joy being around her. Her presence is moving. She often says she is tired. But she keeps participating activities to talk with young people and shares her ideas with them. One small detail I found touching is she says greetings to security guards, policemen and people on the road.

4 On Fashion

More and more people live without a soul, they’re just living in an empty shell. Nobody cares about what you are wearing, and it’s none of my business to care about what other people wear, as long as you are happy about it. The style is a personal thing and in your DNA. You should be happy about what you wear and don’t need to care about what the rest of the world thinks about you.

5 On her happy marriage

The biggest inspiration I got from Iris is her sweet marriage. Her relationship with husband Carl is an example of caring love. Her husband was 101 years old (Died last year) He treated her like a princess throughout his life. Their marriage lasts for 68 years, and they become like one person. She said about the secret of her marriage,” Give each other privacy and maintain a sense of humor.” One thing I found funny is they call each other pussycat and baby. She also mentioned the phenomena that Millennial shares every detail of their relationship on the Internet is bad. It’s nobody’s business to care about what your private parts look like. Keep them private!

Hope we can all stay fabulous at the age of nineties.


1 Four Reasons never get plastic surgery

2 Cosmetic surgery is bad. That women feel the need for it is worse

3 Fashion legend Iris Apfel on secret to her happy marriage

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