Minimalism should be your 2017 resolution

I loved minimalism and obsessed about this idea and lifestyle. I strongly support the simplicity/minimalism movement. In the current fast-consuming world, everyone is accelerating to use the resource on our planet. Our earth is becoming unsustainable. Nowadays we can often hear people say: less is more.

1 Environmental friendly life style

Accelerating global warming, drinking clean water crisis, habitat losses on species and air pollution have the direct impact on our lives and next generation. When I am sitting in front of my laptop reading news related to the environment, I feel painful and want to contribute to make a difference. I said to myself:” If I want to change the world? Change me first.” Less consumption equals less use of the world’s resources. When I went to New York University, I saw many rich friends around me were crazy about the colorful material world, always shopping the latest trend and luxury brands. I made up my mind at that time I would never lead an extravagant lifestyle like them. I chose the minimalism instead of consumerism to make a difference.

2 Rising awareness of Inequality, poverty and injustice behind consumerism

I saw a movie “Blood Diamond” starred by Oscar winner Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio months ago. I learn that behind every shining and chanting diamond are the blood and tears of cheap human labor. Behind consumerism, there is injustice, inequality, and poverty. Growing up in the city known as the world factory—Dongguan China, I saw there is a large population working under the long hour and low wages. Although conditions are getting better, some key issues such as house price, food safety and “Hukou” issues, etc. haven’t solved  yet. One reason behind the distorted social phenomenon is the government and top 1% of the wealthy are inciting the consumerism flame and the rich accumulate ten times more wealth than the poor. The disparities among social classes are exaggerated, and people’s livelihood problems still haven’t been solved.

3 Minimalism will help you concentrate on your work

Thanks to technology, we can process everything on a single computer. We no longer need TV, DVD, photo albums, calendar, books, calculators, notebook, USB, and paper. I used to be a shopaholic and passionate about fashion. I always feel something is missing after I purchase the product and my desire is unfulfilled. Then I realize this loop will never end. New styles come out every minute, and my wallet will finally end up empty. Then I stop shopping like I used to be. (But I still and will always love fashion!) It makes me feel more confident in myself, less stress and more freedom. I spend more time on reading, writing and caring about people in my life. I begin to lead a sober and sophisticated life.

One sentence to the conclusion: Less is more!  Let us focus on things really matter to us. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Minimalism should be your 2017 resolution

  1. sophie says:

    Wow, the life in America for the past two years has changed you! And I am happy to see those changes which make you more and more confident and glow with maturity and vitality.

    Liked by 1 person

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