2016 Three beauty& fashion brands fall short of expectation

As a millennium, I am quite friendly and easygoing. I seldom write negative reviews about others. It makes me feel bad about myself. Especially the eastern education I have tells me always say good things. Throughout years I make an effort to build up a healthy cyber ecosystem. However, after two years in States, I realize that sometimes I just need to speak out so that brands can perform better to serve the consumers. Here are three brands that I think falling short of our expectations:


No.1″ Ivanka Trump Footwear Collection” (www.ivankatrump.com)

I never purchase shoes in Bloomingdales because I was a student then. After making some money doing on campus job at New York University, I thought maybe I could buy a pair of shoes at Bloomingdales this time. I came across the “Ivanka Trump Fashion line” and tried on one pair of pink flat. It looks cute and casual, but it is pricey — $145 bucks. I thought maybe I could invest one pair for the whole summer. But in my mind I knew I could buy a similar design with the lower price.

You may ask why do you still buy Ivanka’s footwear knowing you can find a bargain at another place? The reason is just that it is Ivanka Trump! Her elegant, cultured and poised image as a mother and businesswoman inspired me for a long time. I never meet her in person and don’t know if she is so perfect as the article describe. At least, it’s the way media brands her and the way she brands it herself.

After buying her fashion line footwear, I found out the quality of her shoes is far worse than the brand she wants to craft. The brand image and the product quality are very inconsistent. After wearing the shoes for one month, they are worn– very hard to wear. It is heavy, and you feel like walking on a surfboard.

I sent a tweet to express my experience on Twitter. Guess what? People retweeted it hundreds of times, and people expressed the same anger. Quote from one of the people who comments @ Penny: This happens when you steal the design for how a shoe looks but not how it makes. #grabyourwallet #suedx34 design theft. People grumbled about the price and quality of Ivanka Trump brand on the Internet.

Sorry Ivanka. I don’t think I will buy anything from your brand from now on.

No.2 Anthropologie Clothes(anthropologie.com)

This brand has been my favorite brand for years. I am so passionate about shopping in the store. Its success lies in its story-telling and visual branding. The clothes won’t worth the price without its content marketing. The lush, creative environment, gorgeous design, sweet staff and unique store design are key elements in its branding. However, this year I found that the price of Anthropologies rises by 15% at least. The quality is still the same. A small T-shirt cost $128, and a casual dress cost $168. However, at the end of the clearance season, the price of the dress will drop to $28. When I saw the price, I was Jaw-dropping—are you kidding me? This kind of pricing strategy hurts the brand image. What if consumers bought it when it first came out?

Besides, the online customer service is slow and inefficient. I lost my three items worth $500 in their GAP,PA return department. They never process the return and the customer service also has no idea where are the clothes are right now.

Conclusion:  Insanely high price with the quality and bad online customer service!

No.3 Crest 3D Teeth White Whitestrips (http://crest.com/en-us/products/whitestrips)

One of my college friends recommended me to use this brand. I bought it on Amazon and tried this one for my upcoming engagement photo shoot. I used the one-hour express whitening strip between 10pm-11pm at night. At 4 am in the early morning, my teeth and head were so hurt that I was forced to wake up. I couldn’t fall asleep again. My teeth have never been such painful, and tooth nerve was irritated. I was choking on the bed, and my husband comforted me. The next whole day my teeth were sore and sour at working place. I couldn’t eat for breakfast and drink hot/cold water. I am sure I will never use this product again.Yes, it makes my teeth looks white, but the side effects just push me far away from the product.


I am writing this not merely an anger or revenge but also as a warning. No matter a company brand or personal brand, the brand identity should be consistent with product quality. At the end of the day, the customers’ satisfaction is the most important.

1 Long Hours, Low Wages Alleged at Ivanka Trump Shoe Factory

2 Ivanka Trump is just a Donald Trump in Disguise

3 It’s war! Italian shoe brand Aquazzura calls out pregnant Ivanka Trump, accusing her of copying its $785 fringed sandal design to create her own CHEAPER $145 imitation

4 Whitening strip side effects- Sensitive teeth & gums

2 thoughts on “2016 Three beauty& fashion brands fall short of expectation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Similar experience using a teeth-whitening product a few years ago. Have never trusted these products ever since

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