How to win friends and get people to like you

Being in New York is an almost overwhelming experience. I regard New York City as the most exciting city in the world. It is an incredible, inexhaustible engine. When I first got here, I eagerly want to make friends from all over the world. However, my life experience is dull. I am a typical good student in China, and all my life is about achieving excellence in my academics. Go to class, do homework, eat, sleep and watch TV dramas! After admitted by NYU, I decide to start a brand-new chapter here. Nobody knows me in New York, and everything is new.

At first, it was hard for me to know new people. I feel the disinterest that American students show towards initiating a friendship with us (the international students). They are actually pretty fun once I get to know them, but not all of them would like to take the first step to making friends with me). After struggling a bit, I knew I had to take the first step. Why not taking the initiative to entertain, and invite classmates to my apartment for dinner or something different? Food connects us no matter what culture we are. Since I went to culinary school and studied Cantonese food for two months, I can start from what I know. Then the first invitation was sent out. Things worked out very well unexpectedly. I became known as an excellent chef from China!

Now please enjoy the pretty ladies in the pictures.


It is the first spring recess kick-off lunch. Four hours talk with those girls. Alana is originally from Columbia and an American Citizen(left).Diane is from Paris, France. Ran and Jessie in the middle are my best friends. On the right, it is Nadine from Switzerland. I cooked pork feet for them. Diane and Nadine were shocked. They never ate pork feet in their countries before.


The girl on the right is Sara. Tiffany, Sharon and I went to her home on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. She was the host and invited three international students to experience the real Thanksgiving in an American family. We received the warm welcome at her home and ate Turkey leg for the first time in our lives. To express our gratitude and appreciation to Sara, we invited her to my home for Christmas dinner. I cooked pork feet this time too. All of them like it very much. Pork feet became my signature dish from then on.


The girl on the left is Bianca. She is one of my best friends in NYU. She is from Belgium, near Germany, Netherlands, and France. She can speak many languages.  We have a lot of things in common and spent every Tuesday night together, eating and talking. We went to watch Broadway show, Elan’ concert at Carnegie Melon Music Hall, played bowling, ate dim sum with her mom, went to masquerade parties and ran along the Hudson River. We built up a strong friendship in the second year.  The girl sitting next to me is Karen. She is from the Philippines and has ten years working experience in large enterprises. She gave me patient guidance in Integrated Marketing Class during my first semester at NYU.


These two pictures are some good Chinese friends from my program. It had recorded the moment before I left New York City. For average preparation time for those big parties, it took me about 10 hours from start to end. It is time-consuming. But when I look back all the happy moments, it just made all the effort worth it.

Looking back to my life in new york, there is no regret. I just want to enhance my cooking skills and dig my maximum potentials step by step in the future.

2 thoughts on “How to win friends and get people to like you

  1. sophie5089 says:

    Another exciting essay. I am so happy that you have had such memorable and invaluable experience in New York. Once you told me in Boston in 2012 that you were so frustrated by the fact that you even didn’t know how to make friends as an undergraduate student, and I often worried about you. But now I feel much relieved since you have had done such an excellent job in starting new friendship and making your life so colorful and enjoyable in NYU. And you have had so many good friends! Congratulations! I

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