Sunday Costco

Today is Sunday. We planned to return two bottles of body lotion back to Costco. Failed to realize it opens at 10 am in the morning, we got there at 9 am. The parking lot was empty at that time. We figured that maybe we could go to grab a cup of cappuccino then came back at 10 am. To our surprise, when we approached the Costco parking lot again at 9:50 am, the whole parking space was full. Many people already were waiting outside with big shopping carts in their hands. There were probably hundreds of people waiting. It is crazy! At 10 am, the door opened. The staff walked out, and everybody was cheering. He asked people whether people were happy. I can’t believe American like Costco so much, and members are loyal. Another funny thing, we found in Costco today is they begin to sell Christmas trees and other holiday related stuff. There are also five pianos displayed inside, prices ranging from $2000 to twenty thousand.

As a millennial, I just think bulked-size products in Costco are too much for us. The company tricks us to purchase more than we can consume at home weekly. The grocery often ends into the trash can because the fruit rotted away. It makes me feel guilty. We don’t need to stock up one-year oil, toilet paper towels in a small department. I think Costco should think carefully how to attract our generation.

Another growth point for Costco management team is they miss a very important group — Asian. As a Chinese, I don’t think they sell food or snacks that cater to Asian Demographic. But I do see many Asian enjoy shopping at Costco, like my dad. Most of the time, after shopping at Costco, we have to go to another Asian Market- H mart.  For the solution, in one way, Costco can invite Asian chef come in and create space in the cooked food area. I know Costco’s hot dogs and pizzas are cheap, but the calories are too high. We still want to lead a calory restriction lifestyle. If Costco can bring in Asian food line, that would help our life much easier.

Hope Costco can bring more surprise to us in the future.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Costco

  1. sophie5089 says:

    Thank you for your vivid introduction of Costco.

    Yes, Costco is such a nice place, and the variety of things is dazzling. All the foodstuffs there are fresh and cheaper than other markets. It is always the first choice for us to go shopping there.

    You are right about the problems, but I think there is another problem — you can not buy things unless you become the member of it. For a traveller, or people who only stay in US for a short period of time can not buy things there without any help from the people who have the membership.


  2. sophie5089 says:

    I hope one day in the near future China has similar warehouse club that provides a wide selection of good quality merchandise.

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  3. sophie5089 says:

    I have been to Metro once with you, I found that the variety of things there were very limited. The fruit is also not so fresh.

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