UC Davis Review

UC Davis is my husband’s Alma Mater. Located in the city of Davis.   Davis is near San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley. In our 2-year long distance relationship, I flew to Davis for seven times. Meeting him after a few months of not seeing each other is the best part of a long distance relationship. I always booked air tickets months before spring and autumn recess, because of the beautiful California sunshine, cloudless sky, great food in the college town and the peaceful, relaxing living environment. The city of Davis is not an over-crowded west coast nightmare of traffic and crowds.

Sacramento Airport is Davis’ nearest airport. It records our sorrow and joy, our hug and goodbye moment. Every time I flew to Sacramento Airport, he always waited for me at the luggage claim calmly with his arms folded across his chest. When I stood in front of him, he would give me the warmest hug, firmly and tightly. He kissed me gently, and we hurried back to school. The intense emotion when we finally see each other makes the 12 hours *7 times flight worth.

The academic burden in Davis is heavy. UC system has three-quarters each year, which means they have a shorter vacation than New York University (two-quarters). My husband studies Statistics. I always heard him saying,” I will have a quiz or test or homework due coming up. “ Most of my time in California, we studied together. I always cherish and appreciate the time we are together regardless of whether we’re doing something mundane like studying in the library, hurrying to class, grocery shopping or watching movies. We also spent time with Michael’s roommates and classmates, trying new restaurants, going hiking, cooking together and playing Mahjogg. I also enjoyed cooking for Michael’s roommates since they were always busy.

Davis is not a typical American city; it’s in thrall to the bicycle. Almost everyone has a bike here  It is also called “The Bicycle Capital of the U.S”.   UC Davis campus is flat, and everything is spread out. The school is known for Agricultural related majors, and it has a great vineyard.  The campus has vast of land, more than my undergraduate college by a factor of twenty. The culture and rural scenery here is stunning. For me, I love Davis’ trees, large rolling green lawns, the variety of architectural designs, and agricultural bent. Compared with New York, people seem so friendly and slow-paced. Students wear board shorts and flip-flops, riding bikes to class and studying under trees. There are extensive bike paths here, and a reliable bus system saves students from needing cars. All the buses in Davis are running by students. I believe most of the bus drivers are younger than me. UC Davis is so cool!

-Double decker buses and red telephone booths

-Campus View: the Bicycle Capital of the U.S

– After Gym, Walking in campus, Buying furniture in IKEA

Davis is in the west coast and close to many scenic spots. Last New Year, we finished our California State Route 1 road trip, from UC Davis to San Diego. This year, we flew to Seattle, Washington to see the breathtaking Sakura. We drove to San Francisco to see the first sunrise.

Davis not only has amazing academics but also a great sense of community. The school is highly respected and most people in the US are impressed when hearing that my husband attends UC Davis. He graduated in May this year as an excellent student and I am so proud of him. Bye Davis, may come back and see you in the future!

4 thoughts on “UC Davis Review

  1. sophie5089 says:

    UC Davis has witnessed the happy days when your and Michael stayed together . Each line of your writing tells us how proud you are for Michael and how sweet your memories are about the life and people at the venerable and beautiful university. After reading it, I am deeply impressed by your passion and curiosity about the people and world around you. Keep moving on bravely! Good writing!

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