Best Four Things To Do at Renaissance Fair

On Labor Day September 4th, we went to Renaissance Festival. (Thanks to Molly’s recommendation. The idea of recreating a historical setting in16th century excites me.) The weather forecast predicted it would rain all day on 4th. Instead, it turned out to be a perfect sunny day. We went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival located in Crownsville. It was just one-hour drive. Set in a fictional 16th-century English village named Revel Grove, the festival is spread over 25 acres. It is the second largest Renaissance festival in the states.

Why is Renaissance Festival so popular among American? It is just like a renaissance theme park in Disneyland and is commercial in nature: Costumes, Food/Beverage, shops and magic show. If you don’t have time to go to Disney and want to participate in a Cosplay,it is a good choice. We arrived at the fair early morning and found many families already arrived. There was still one hour before the park opened. I started to look around and observe excited, costumed guests.

As a Renaissance Fair newbie myself, I compiled a list of the 4 best things to do at the “Ren Faire.”

Dress up

If you can’t wait until Halloween, luckily there is a costume rental store right by the entrance to the fair. Family and friends dress up for this event. There are many interesting costumes to choose from, such as pirates, knight surcoats, aristocratic doublets, peasant tunics, Scottish kilts, Queens, and breeches. Some people even wear star war costumes. You can choose the costume based on your persona. People can buy those clothes either online or rent in the park.  However, not everyone must dress up, you can wear street clothes if you like, but playing the part makes the experience worth the ticket price! For us, since we are Chinese and have never attended this kind of events before, we tried not to spend money on either buying or renting costumes. Next year maybe! Below is the dress I chose for the event.

Artists & Shows

There are fire eating, glassblowing, storytelling, belly dancing, sword fighting and music shows for all ages. Comedy shows are also offered each day. We watched a mid-day show of the comedian who specializes in audience participation and old jokes. However, we couldn’t understand most of the joke because of our cultural background. We also watched a throwing knife or ax to cute girl show which scared me a lot. It’s worth checking out!

Food/beverages Stands

The Renaissance Fair has almost every type of food you could imagine, from turkey legs to taco salads. The turkey leg is super big. Kids and adults alike will be very happy with the food offerings, though adults may be more comfortable about the many drink stands offering selections of beer, wine, cocktails and frozen alcoholic beverages. I saw many people with beer or Pepsi in hand. For us, we didn’t eat anything in the park.

Shops and Crafts

Jewelry, candles, swords, trinkets, clothes, leather goods and more can be found in stores around the fair. We spent at least one hour perusing the arts and crafts on display. We prepared a little extra cash to spend but didn’t buy anything. If I have a girl, I believe she will be excited for many girls’ stuff here.

We left in the afternoon and went to Annapolis. This is a really interesting experience. Hope to come back again in the future!


4 thoughts on “Best Four Things To Do at Renaissance Fair

  1. sophie5089 says:

    Another piece of hilarious writing and beautiful pictures about you and the fair! I am deeply impressed by your natural and vivid English expression. This morning, for the first time, I also introduced your writing to my students in my English class, all of them are so happy to get to know you and read your essays and share your experience in America.
    Renaissance Fair is amazing and incredible and it is a good chance for you two to get fully immersed in American culture. You are lucky!
    We are looking forward to reading more of your adventurous and exciting experience there.

    Liked by 1 person

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