My story

Two months ago, I have my wisdom teeth removed, four at once. Before I did it, I didn’t tell my parents. Because I know they would be panicked and oppose my decision. (Sorry,Mom! )However, I saw one decayed wisdom tooth, and I could foresee other three. The dentist also suggested me to remove them. I did it without a second thought.

Having four wisdom teeth taken out in the states is like taking a 30-min nap. The pain scale was 0. I never felt a thing, and the whole process was super comfortable. In the first place, I filled out some forms then I was brought to the chair—the process began. He gave me a pinch of sedation then I fell asleep unconsciously. When I opened my eyes, my doctor told me the surgery finished. You are ready to go. Then he left. The nurse took me to my husband, no pain at all. I was awake like nothing ever happened. It is my best hospital/clinic experience that I have ever been. After three days, I fully recovered. I did my teeth extraction at smile @Farifax Corner. Highly recommended!

Michael’s story

My husband used to have one wisdom tooth extracted in China. He lost 11 pounds in two weeks. It was a painful experience for him. He never wants to do it again. Last year in July, Michael’s another wisdom teeth had been affected. He got sick for one month and was in the high fever for weeks. When we were in Boston, he felt so sick that he lay in bed for the whole day until we left. We didn’t know what was the reason that caused his pain and fever. After several days we flew to LA, he already got very sick, and we felt we must go to see a dentist. A Chinese dentist inferred us to a professional dental near UCLA because she couldn’t do teeth extraction in her clinic. After X-Ray and examination, the Israel dentist told us that they must be removed otherwise it would affect his throat. It cost $1500 for three teeth, which is not a small number. Without a second choice, we decided to do it. I looked after him for ten days eating only juice and water. He fully recovered when we were in San Diego. We had a big seafood dinner.

Thanks to the dentist in States! @ Smiles at Fairfax Corner  We both get rid of our wisdom teeth pains and boost oral health!