2016 Summer Cross-Country-Drives: Route I-80 E

After we both had graduated from college, my boyfriend decided to move to the east coast with me. He first flew back to UC Davis, California soon after my graduation ceremony ended. He considered selling all his furniture, appliances as well as his 2010 second-hand Toyota Prius Car before moving to New York.

Selling a second-hand car in the states has two ways. If people want to sell it at a competitive price, it usually takes about one to two months. Or you want to sell them right away; a car dealer is a target you should go. But the price would be much lower than you expect it. On June 1st, he made a prompt decision —drive to New York. The reason is he didn’t want to spend extra months just in Davis waiting for people to buy his car when it is in an off-season. He texted me asking whether I wanted to fly to the west coast and accompany him. (At that time, I was in New York.) I replied immediately, saying yes. The idea was exciting. Couldn’t believe we were doing it.
After googling, we found our there are three Cross-country driving routes. As you can see the pictures below:

Porsche Cross Country Trip GPS route

Porsche Cross Country Trip GPS route

The fastest one is I-80E(purple route), but not the most exciting one. The total mileage is 3000 miles. It runs across the following states — California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. As the planning was quite last minute. It feels as if there is never enough time for planning. I booked an airplane ticket next day to join him.

First Stop:

Salt Lake City, Utah

I arrived the airport l around 11:00 AN that morning and decided we should at least see the Temple in Salt Lake City. We were there; it wouldn’t kill us to do a drive. We drove into downtown and had a Mexican lunch. The entire city felt a bit sterile to us, like everyone in the temple square are actors from the same cast. When they walked pass by us, they smiled and said,” what a beautiful day! Welcome to the place of heaven!” Everyone was super friendly and smiled to us. I feel like Mormonism feels a bit cultish. Mormons seem to be hypnotized. After driving around for about 30 minutes, we decided to book it out of SLC and drove East on I-80.

The trip crossed three time zones. The vegetation changed from forest to desert then to forest. Every day we drove for 8 hours and slept in the cheapest motel. I remember one night the motel in Cheyenne, MY, the bed sheet and quilt were so dirty that we couldn’t sleep. Besides, it was near a gas station and unsafe. We changed all our motel bookings to the hotel. Three days later, we arrived in Chicago and met up some old friends from Dongguan. We tried the famous Chicago deep stuffing pizza but not as impressive as New York Pizza. It was too much for Asian. We had a good time enjoying the city view on the Chicago River.

During the 5-day trip, we talked a lot. Since my driver license was lost, my boyfriend did all the driving. He got one speeding ticket in Utah. Overall, he made it! He is my hero.

Hope we can do a Route 66 cross country road trip in the future.

4 thoughts on “2016 Summer Cross-Country-Drives: Route I-80 E

  1. sophie5089 says:

    We are all very happy that you two have had such an amazing and heroic journey. Although you told us many times that it is nothing particular in the US., yet we still believe such long car driving is not an easy thing. Not everyone from China would like to try such a long journey. From the long car journey, you have strengthened the mutual understanding, met friends and got to know more about America. Hope you have more such exciting journeys.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 10000hoursdoingmkt says:

    Yes, the journey overall is a lot of fun. You never try, you never know. The route is boring and the road is smooth. It does demand a high level of attention in this kind of driving enviornment. Since the driver is Michael, I slept very well all the way to New York.


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