Shear Madness, a killer comedy Review at Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, D.C

It is our first time to be J.F Kennedy center of performing arts. This place is decent, elegant. Arts should be worshiped here. Compared to the China’s National Grand Theater in our country, this place is less crowded, and the service is much better. When you walk into the gorgeous and well-established venue, you feel like lifting your whole spirit. I hope I can come back many many times. Since the parking here is expensive, we parked our car at Watergate hotel.$12 Versus $20. Then we spent some time walking around the historic hotel and then heading to the JFK performing center.

I highly recommended the viewing deck at the second floor. At that place, you can have a panoramic view of the Potomac River. It was so comfortable standing there, the same as standing on the Tainan Square. The views ahead of you is nothing in the way. It is a very elegant place to see the skyline of the city. Another place I know it is ideal to view the city is Arlington Cemetery at Robert E. Lee Memorial.

At 8 pm, the show started. The stage is colorful. It feels like you are in a Girls’ Generation mv. Every gesture is dramatic; lines are witty, and the timing is excellent. We haven’t laughed so hard at play for so long. You didn’t realize you were in a crime living stage show. Instead, you were just in a happy Broadway musical. But it is not. Suddenly, at 8:40 an imaginary person in the show died. Then a criminal investigation started. At the second half of the show, the audience began to participate. Everyone was so involved in the interactive round. People raised hands and pointed out what was the problem investigating the actors like CIA and FBI. If this kind of show China should introduce, it must be very popular.They use lines that are current to the times and are quick with being witty, such as Taylor Swift “Shake it off”, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burning down, Trump’s hairstyle, Michelle Obama, Clinton, Bernie Sanders, etc. The jokes are hilarious. For me, I haven’t seen this kind of TV drama that much, so I am that fast compared to the audience. Pay attention to your eyes and ears! There are many clues in the show.

shear madness.jpg

Highly recommend this show when traveling to DC my friends! You will have a great time here.

Shear Madness 2 - (L-R) Aaron Shields, Brigid Cleary, Danny Bernardy, Soneka Anderson in Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center - Photo by Margot Schulman 2014-2.jpg

Inside watergate hotel

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    I like your writing style since you gave us a very clear and vivid description about your unforgettable experience of watching the Drama Shear Madness, I can not stop reading it. It seems that you have the potential to write much better movie or drama reviews with the time going on. Please keep writing and I am looking forward to reading them.

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