Mr. and Mrs. Ma’s American Wedding at Fairfield, Ohio


Last month, Mr. and Mrs. Ma’s held their wedding ceremony at Sara’s hometown Ohio. It is one of the most important events in our family. Mr. Ma is the cousin of my husband. They are childhood playmates and grow up to be forever friends. Ma is like a brother and role model to Michael all the time. My husband was invited to be the best man at the wedding. We couldn’t be more excited.


On Aug 5th, we flew to Cincinnati Ohio. One thing to mention, the tax at Cincinnati airport is 40% of the original price, which sounds crazy. In the afternoon, Michael bought a new suit at a shopping mall for the wedding. For the city Fairfield, it is a kind of typical town in the middle part of America. It has many recreational places such as parks and playgrounds. It is a family friendly living community.


At 4 pm on August 6th, we arrived early at the wedding venue—Receptions Conference Center. There are three ballrooms in this building, and all were fully booked. The bride and groom arrived soon. We met Sarah’s parents for the first time. They are kind and easy-going people. My mother-in-law wore a traditional Chinese Chi-Pao that day . The dress was very eye-catching and gained praise from Sarah’s family. There was still one and half hours. We drove to a park shoot wedding photographs. American usually shot wedding photos on the same day of their wedding, which is different from Chinese habit. We shot long before the wedding in a studio. At 5;55 pm, we rushed back to our wedding ceremony spot, to my surprise all the guests already sat there. The wedding ceremony began just on time.


Family Picture


At 6 PM, the music rose. Yicheng and Sarah’s mom walked into the ballroom, then the best man and bridesmaid. It was my handsome husband walked towards the platform with Sara’s sister arm-in-arm. Michael and Yicheng look great in black suits. Then Sarah and her father walked in. Everybody was waiting for this moment. After Sarah standing at the platform, they started to read wedding vows after the affiant in front of every guest. I saw tears came out of Sarah’s mom. After they had exchanged the wedding rings, guests started to have appetizers, alcohols and mingle.


The first person we talked to was bride’s grandfather. He was a tall, handsome, elegant and friendly man. From his appearance, I guess he is around his 60th. Compared with my grandfather, they are already 83 and 81 years old. He recommended us great places to go for our honeymoon. Hawaii, bingo! They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon just where we want to go. Then we mingled with groom’s graduate school’s friends at Duke University. Their names are Samantha, Nichole, Christine, and Joshua. It was great time talking with them. The food at that night I remember were the meatball, salad, broccoli, grilled beef, mash potatoes, chicken, and fruit.

At 9 am, cake and dancing session began. Mr. and Mrs. Ma shared their first dance with us. I also danced with Michael for the first time. It was also our first dance. We enjoyed ourselves very much. For American everyone is a natural dancer, even for the small child. The music and rhythm are in their body. For us, dancing in front of people make us feel awkward. But for me, I learned Ballet for two years so I already used to it. For my husband, he was a bit stiff.


Final :

Mr. Ma, look at your amazing bride – she is just lighting up with joy. Now, sweet bride, look at your handsome groom – he can’t even express his feelings. Try to keep your faces that happy forever. Congratulations on your wedding!

4 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Ma’s American Wedding at Fairfield, Ohio

  1. sophie5089 says:

    Another exciting story about wedding and love ! Your wrting is still so vivid and clear! Sometimes life is not easy, successful marriage must go through many tests. And I wish you and Michael, Sarah and Yicheng will stand the life challenges and pass those tests and keep your love and happy family life till the end. Congratulations on both of your weddings!

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