How to pass DMV Road test at Tysons Corner DMV, Vienna Virginia?

It was 5:30 AM in the morning. We decided to take a walk-in road test at Tysons corner DMB. I quickly jumped out of the bed, and my husband followed after me. I randomly chose a casual dress, a pair of flat shoes then hit the road. I knew if we were 15 min late, we wouldn’t be able to get our test today. We arrived at DMV at 5:55am. Surprisingly, there were already four people sitting there, each with a beach chair. The sky was totally dark.

I talked with the two Indian guys next to me; they said they also came here for the road test! At 6:30 am sun rose. The line already piled up. We did some reading in the two-hour waiting.

At 7:15 am, the guard came in, and he took out one American flag and one DMV flag, preparing for hoisting. At 8 AM, the door opened, and we got into the DMV. I waited for another 40 min to get the road test. The examiner is an Asian Lady. She checked my headlight, Windshield Wipers, window condition, turn on blinking light, hazard light and then she sat into the car. She said, “open the air conditioner; it was too hot.I said:” it is already open.” Then she asked me to drive out of DMV, did two right turns (35mph speed limit), then into a residential area (25mph).I saw she drew some circles on the paper. After 10min, we went back to DMV. She told me went to 13 windows and got the result. She told me I passed. During the test, there were two times she told me I drove too slow and one time I hit 1mph above the speed limit which is 25mph. She said why did you drive so fast? Do you know you drive above the speed limit? I told her that I just drive 1mph above. Just a little bit more!!! Then she said nothing. Overall she thought I was qualified to be on the road alone. Personally speaking, the primary reason I passed because I scanned a lot during the process. Scanning will save your life is the suggestion from an old river that I always remember.

So my suggestion is:

1 If you want to do a walk-in road test, waking up early. Be there at 5:30 AM is ideal. Because they only take 5 people for road test each day. Saturday is a disaster especially.

2 Go to the DMV beforehand because you want to do a test drive. Familiar with the speed limit around the DMV. Big road 35 mph, small road 25 mph in my case

3 Scanning, scanning, scanning, always move your head when you take your test

4 Explain to the examiner why you drive below speed limit — always explain (your understanding of your situation is very important)

5 Stop completely at stop sign

The examiner sitting next to you is like a stress tester. if you drive slower she will require drive faster, vice versa. In this environment what you need to is to make sure the person sitting next to you and yourself are safe. Always be calm, no big deal.

Good luck with next person who is going to take the road test! Hope this helps.

If you have any more questions you can send your questions to my email: I am happy to answer any question related to road test to you.


6:30 AM waiting l

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