What is life at NYU like?

2016/5/21 I graduated from New York University. My mother and boyfriend (currently my husband) came and attended my graduation ceremony. I sat next to one of my best friends — Alana and witnessed this fantastic moment. How time flies! I still remember when my parents said goodbye to me at Laguardia Airport. I was so happy that finally, I could be alone in a foreign country regardless of the tears in my mothers’ eyes. NYU has been my dream school for many years

In few days, my roommate flew from DG to JFK and joined me my NYU journey. We started to spend a two-year cooking, shopping, eating and studying together.

At NYU, I met so many talented students who have a broad worldview and diverse experience. Their passion and energy changed my life to some extent. Every one of us is so eager to know each other at the beginning and try hard to make friends. It was during that time I made many long-lasting friends. After our first graduate year, students became used to NYC living pattern and began forming small groups. People started to carefully arrange their time because some are trying to find jobs and some are enjoying the dynamic life of the city.

Teachers are the critical part of my NYU life. I came across one professor called Sandy who is very responsible for her students. Although she is very tough and unwelcomed by most of my classmates, she is the one who makes me feel NYU class is high above international standard. Student participation, preparation, creativity are three benchmarks.

For regret, I have several:

  • I think if I could start my graduate school again, I would not to choose live with roommates. I prefer to live alone.
  • I hope I could write blogs, read books and speak my voice out loud.
  • I should have more parties and join more free events in the cities.
  • I should have found internship and jobs more aggressively.
  • I would choose to live in Midtown Manhattan instead of Queens Astoria.

Some good memory when I was a good student in NYU:






One thought on “What is life at NYU like?

  1. sophie5089 says:

    Very nice pictures! It is understandable that you have some regrets. But just keep moving forward and continue doing what you want to do. It is definite that your life will become more meaningful and interesting.


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