DC Life Review

After graduating from NYU in May 2016, we moved to DC.  At first, I thought NYC maybe was the most exciting place in the world and everybody dreams to live in. Now I realize I was to some extent wrong. Compared to New York, the rest of places in the US are much cleaner, cheaper and comfortable.  After living in dc for two months, I never want to get stuck in the narrow, expensive, busy, noisy New York again. Even the food in New York has been less attractive to me. Because my cooking skill has been improved significantly. Right now the only thing I miss about New York is my dear lovely friends.

On June 19th, we spent 10 hours moving our furniture from NYC to Fairfax using U-haul. The big 13-meter-long truck scared us at first. Thanks to my husband, we drove the truck to Fairfax successfully and safely. Our apartment is near Interstate Route 66–the next cross-country drive route we want to challenge. Near my neighborhood, there are ten great groceries and shopping center, such as Costco, Wegman, H-mart, Home Depot, Tysons Corner, Wholefood, Harris Titter, Walmart, Fair Oaks Mall, etc. Car dealers also blossom around the area. We can get a new car in 5-minutes drive.If we want to explore museums in D.C, it is only 30 min drive.

Our first impression to our new neighborhood is quiet, beautiful, harmonious and many pets. This kind of environment represents American living style. Ample parking space, bright and spacious apartment, pets everywhere, people drive to commute, never crowded gym…I told myself “welcome to America.” We also discover a lot of good food here, such as H-mart Korean food, Crab house’s big blue crab (my fav now), sushi prince, China 88 pig feet, sister Thai and  Marumen. Our area has the best public education system in the States. There are school buses everywhere in the morning rush hours. It is a place for families. New York is for single young people.

This afternoon we dropped by Fairfax Museum.We are new to the area and always love to learn about the history of where we live.It wasn’t a big museum, but it was informative. The museum covered not only the local involvement in the Civil War, but also it’s historical origins and 21st-century event. The history of Fairfax has 210 years. It is a living history of America. George Washington and George Mason once lived here. The biggest surprise I found is Fairfax means “say it and do it” or “speak-do.”When walking in the old town Fairfax City, I fell like I am walking in Amerian History — the first battlefield war. I love history and it is hard for not falling in love with this place. There are so many things to explore in this area. Not only food, stunning nature and long history. I hope we can have a big family here in the future.

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