Getting married,but without ceremony or honeymoon 


On July 27th, 2016, we got married in D.C. marriage bureau. It was also my 24th birthday.

We tried to make our wedding ceremony as simple as possible– a courthouse one. Our parents flew from China to witness this moment, and they couldn’t be happier.Only our immediate relatives attend this event.

A wedding without a ceremony means I want the shining part of our marriage not at the beginning but along the process, but the 80-year long journey after hopefully. I honestly believe that a long-lasting marriage lies not at one point but in everyday dull and maybe boring life. Marriage is a verb, not a noun.I love my husband and will try my best to build a full of love and happiness marriage. After finding true loves,  I realize ceremony is just a show. We have been brainwashed by movies, media, and industries for years. 

I am very grateful that I met my husband.  He is the most protective, reassured, and considerate man. I will never let him down.


4 thoughts on “Getting married,but without ceremony or honeymoon 

  1. sophie5089 says:

    It has been the happiest and most unforgettable moment for us to witness your wedding in Washington. And I wish you happiness all the time.


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