Huawei Digital Campaign evaluation

What is HUAWEI?

Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications giant — a Chinese telecom solutions provider, owned entirely by its employees.  If I were to ask the average American consumer to name a company that makes smartphones, chances are they would say Apple or Samsung. Perhaps a few will mention LG, HTC, or Motorola. But it’s very likely that they wouldn’t say Huawei, the massive Chinese electronics company. Despite this brand unawareness in the US, Huawei is ranked as the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, right behind Samsung and Apple.

2014 revenue

Last year its sales topped $35.4 billion — more than Goldman Sachs and McDonald’s. It grows rapidly all over the world. I think a large part due to its last year 2014 fall digital campaign “Make it Possible” .

General review of the campaign —‘Make It Possible”

With the tagline “Make it Possible, HUAWEI rolled out the campaign in strategic markets around the world throughout the year and will include “touch-points as retail experiences, online activities, and media engagement.


As for their goal is to provide maximum value for telecom carriers, enterprises and consumers in over 140 countries. One of their global objectives is to create more brand awareness and engagement for Huawei devices. Their Social intended to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page, create engagement and boost this recently launched and very small community.

There was an online competition where people shared what they would like to be able to do on a smartphone. The competition ran through October 3, 2014, and four winners were chosen at the end to enjoy an amazing experience. The winners would also be given a Huawei device to document the experience and shared with the rest of Huawei’s community online.

They also launched social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Using these new social media channels allowed Huawei to be more easily and quickly provide consumers with company news, product launches and important updates.

HUAWEI Makes it possible  

Best Telecommunication Online Campaign 2014.

As for one of the result, this was a huge success. It won the best telecommunication online campaign 2014.

Through detailed monitoring and analysis, Their social was able to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page from less than 15000 to over 1.5Million and the number of people talking about from less than 200 to peaks of 2,200,000 in only three months, incentivize fans to create content (25,000 pictures) and build a community that shares knowledge, tips and relevant information.

Thanks to the campaign – Make It Possible. There were reports that Huawei’s smartphone revenue increased by around 33% to over $11.8 billion after the campaign. While the company shipped around 75 million smartphones in 2014, up 40% year-on-year, it fell short of the previously stated sales target of 80 million units. The market share of HUAWEI grows very fast in Latin America and Europe.

My Evaluation 


Overall, I think HUAWEI’s international campaign is on a right track. As for evaluating HUAWEI’s social media strategy, the content is in high quality. The posts they created every day were through their delicate design. Photos, videos or web were creative fresh and innovative. But we all know the continuously improvement and development of content design have no end. I think as a Chinese company its design and content of the posts has reached international level.

As for my suggestions for how to improve it, I think the memorability is still a weakness. If I were the digital marketing director, I would make more creative video campaign series. Because I didn’t see they make very high-quality youtube video until now that can really create a buzz. What they make are more traditional video with some creative elements adding in it. Another thing is their digital campaign didn’t combine with mobile. Mobile is becoming more and more important. I thought when brand communications that include email, mobile, social, display, and the web could reach the broadest impact. Only collected the designs and content that embody the highest standard could the brand produce strongest impact. HUAWEI, as a Chinese company still has a long way to go but on the right track. I can’t feel more proud of it! I strongly believe more Chinese brands in the future will jump in front of our eyes and amaze us.


I am a big fan of HUAWEI. 🙂

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