Hi, my friends welcome to my Third blog —- “10,000 HOURS Doing Marketing”!  Scientific research results show that if you devote 10,000 HOURS in doing one thing diligently, you will finally become an expert in this field. I sincerely believe this golden rule.I created this blog when I was in the second year of my master degree. We had a course called digital marketing. So I started my first English Blog. Before WordPress, I used Q-Zone, Sina Blog and Renren. I believe writing change people’s life. Every day is a new journey and adventure to me no matter where I am. I have high expectations for everything that I start to do. My personal motto is: Now or never. Live now or die.” Besides, I am an environmentalist. I highly endorse any action that will protect our earth.  My blogs will talk about from marketing to living, from love to food, from high points to low points in my life. I hope my blog is simple, informative, entertaining, insightful and compelling. Finally, keep updating with me through following media channel:

  • Wechat: snow92727
  • Google Plus: xw1035@nyu.edu
  • LinkedIn: Lemon Liz @ NYU

Sincerely yours.„

Lemon lIz

3 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

  1. sophie50895089 says:

    When I got to know that you have your blog and would like to share your experience and your discoveries with me, I was so happy. Thank your for your trust. I hope your have an compeletely unusal life in the US. and I am sure your journey and adventure will be all rewarding. I also hope you can keep on writng and continuously improve it.


  2. sophie5089 says:

    I am very happy to know that you have your blog. Hope to read your more beautiful easays about your experience and discoveries.


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