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Warning: The Honest Company will rip you off

I have heard the honest company for a while. The founder is Jessica Alba. However, the business model is a lie to all the customers. How can such a dishonest company still exist?

I heard from some YouTubers that you could get free baby samples from You just need to pay the $5.99 shipping fee. There are two different kinds of bundles to choose from “baby diapers&wipers” and “cleaning&bath products”.  I signed up for this two different kinds of bundles on July 14th. I got the free samples the next day. which I think is quick. Since my baby is not born yet, I haven’t tried it out.


On July  24th, I received a giant box from honest company surprisingly. The value in the box is $122. I have no idea that I bought these products. I checked my honest online account and found out that I was being signed up the bundles by the company without my knowledge or consent. I checked on Google whether other people have the same experience as mine. I found out that everyone is complaining that they were being signed up for the bundles automatically without notifying. This creepy business behavior is just like Wells-Fargo secretly opened 2 million unauthorized phony credit cards accounts without notifying their customers. Besides this, the most annoying thing is that I cannot cancel the subscription online, remove my credit card information or delete my account. People must call them to cancel the subscription. The averaging waiting time over the phone is several hours. This is such a dishonest company. I am so disappointed with you Jessica Alba and your confusing company. Good luck with all your company lawsuits!

I don’t even bother to try their products now. I already lost trust in this company in the first place.

Lesson to learn: Nothing is free in this world!

2017: how can International students on an OPT visa filing tax?

My husband and I filed federal/state tax successfully this year. At first, we were very panicked: should we file the tax by ourselves or find an agent to do it? I heard the US tax filing is very complicated.  We even went to HR Block for help. However, the woman who assisted us was not very familiar with Chinese students’ tax exemption policy. She quoted us for $240 each person. That is too expensive! We decided to fill out the form by ourselves.

I read a lot of articles online and found that we can file federal tax through glacier app which is totally free! For the state tax, we can use an app called Sprintax. It cost around $19 since NYU has a discount from this company. I highly recommend it: reasonable price and fast service. It helps you get things done quickly.

However, Glacier and Sprintax only work for international students who have been in the US for under 5 years.

If you have any questions regarding tax filing, please contact me: or leave a comment below. I will try to respond you in two days.



About the habit of keeping DIARIES

I can say the best habit I ever have is keeping a diary every single day. The habit starts when I was in middle school. Diary is a homework for us at that time. There are no secrets that cannot be shared. After graduation, my Chinese teacher wanted to publish a book on his education journey so he borrowed all my 6 diaries. He never gave back to me since then. He lost all of them.

When I was in college, I used Evernote free edition to write diaries. One day the system was upgrading and when I logged in again I lost all of them. Never get them back.

During master school in NYU, I started to use “day one journal” to write the diary. However, my laptop was reset and all the data lost too.

I lost all my written past. Only some clips in my memory.


2017 How to get H1B visa approved for marketing employees?

I was among the 199,000 H1B lotteries this year. I am a master of art student majoring in integrated marketing. I graduated from NYU SPS in 2016.

I started to prepare for my H1B application in January 2017 and got my visa successfully approved in June 2017. Just want to share some of my experience with you: You don’t need to be so panicked under Trump’s H1B reform. Just be very careful with each preparation step. The USCIS is very tough. Some small mistakes in the docs might get you denied.

I work at a digital marketing start up. My company doesn’t have a long-term immigration lawyer, so my supervisor suggested me to do some research and found the lawyer I felt comfortable with. It is so important to find a lawyer with extensive experience in marketing.

1.19 started to extensively research lawyers all over the US: Chicago, SF, NYC, LA, DC, ect. I contacted them with email one by one

2.16 contacted the lawyer I wanted to work with for the 1st time

2.18 started to prepare for material for one week

4.18 found out my check got cashed

6.12 got approval notice from USCIS

Some tips:

1 Allocate your job into percentage: how much time you spent on digital marketing/ how much time you spent on branding material

2 Attach all the related marketing certificate

3 Print out all the job samples that are helpful

4 Treat the H1B application as RFE process (My lawyer sent out around 60 pages of documents to USCIS. I guess that is the reason I got approved so fast.)

If you have any questions regarding marketing H1B visa application, please contact me: or leave a comment below. I will try to respond you in two days.


DIY Home decor: Mark Pen and Spoon Painting

Inspired by Mr. Kate’s painting, last night, I used 30 min to do a fast spoon art. We have moved in Fairfax, Virginia for almost half a year. We haven’t meticulously decorated our home yet. The wall is blank and dull. I think maybe I can do some DIY painting at home to bring in life and design. I browsed Youtube and found Mr. Kate’s spoon art. The tutorial was very easy to learn, and I firmly believe I could do it by myself too. I went to Michael’s store and bought two canvas which size are 24“*16” and a paints pigment set. The price total is only 20 dollars.


  • Middle-size spoon
  • a blank canvas (we used 24″ x 18″)
  • acrylic paint in various colors in a set (not my choice)
  • wet wipes(to keep spoon clean between colors)
  • hair dryer – to speed up drying time

The color choice of this set is limited. If I follow Mr. Kate’s tutorial, I calculated the pigment they would cost me $200. The size I bought is much smaller, and color choice is little. I followed her tutorial, but the final look comes out less satisfactory. I think there are three reasons:

First and foremost, lacking in experience. I haven’t done any painting since 15 years old. It has almost been ten years.

Second, limit knowledge on color matching. If we compare KATE’s painting with me, her work has more contrast and the whole art looks harmonious.

Third, the quality of pigments or the knowledge of pigment, I should buy something better quality and have a deeper thought on ideal color palette next time.

Although mine is not as good as Mr. Kate’s picture, however, it is personal. It is not a piece of art that everyone can buy in the store. Amy Adam in the movie “Big Eye” once said, art is a personal thing. Nobody can replace the feeling of the author.

All in all, it is a nice try. Hope third time works the charm!


Best TV Show of 2016

1 Stranger things
I was both scared and fascinated by the story itself at the same time. The background music and shooting techniques make me feel frightened. The story itself is warm-hearted and intriguing. Very complex feelings are watching this but relieved until it ends. Become Mille Bobbie Brown’s fan after this. My husband finished eight episodes on Saturday night from 8 pm to 4 am in the morning. I also finished on Sunday. Once you started, you can never stop watching. I heard the 2nd season is coming, can’t wait to see it!!!

2 The Crown
It is a historical TV show recording Elizabeth Era from English Royal family. The perspective of telling the story is fresh and touching. I kept crying seeing the moments Queen Elizabeth went through in her life, such as her husband’s nonsupport, her father’s death, and her difficulties in the war era. She is a great and unique woman in our time. She always shows care and love to people, just like Mother Teresa. Also waiting for Season 2.

3 Westworld
The imagination and creativity of this show are beyond words. We follow this show every week and were surprised at each episode’s ending. It is an inversion drama. We could never predict the ending, and sometimes it is hard to understand what the director is trying to tell us. There are a bunch of questions in my head, and I decide to let them go. Waiting for Season 2!!!

Next show I am going to conquer is Game of Throne~ I heard there are 7 seasons….

2017 New Year Resolution

I will gradually leave blog platform and start my Youtube Channel. Thank you guys for supporting me all along. Last three months, I have received more than 3000 views on my blog.   I hope in 2017 I can learn more image editing skills and video shooting & editing techniques. Through video making, I hope I can be a more creative person. I have been looking for some electronic products for my Youtube channel for months. I think I will start with something easy, a triple pod and a lens. I will use the natural light for the shooting. I know for the most important thing for the channel is the content. I want to shoot some small little things in my life, such as traveling, cooking, fashion & beauty and some daily personal thoughts. I will try to make it as interesting and creative as possible. I know it costs a lot of time, but it is worthwhile since I love doing it.  I believe my blog has changed my life to some extent; I hope Youtube as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments and subscribe my blog or DM me through my twitter.

Love you guys, bye!


Our First Experience with Swiss Fondue

Today I want to introduce a very interesting food culture: Swiss fondue. We had a chance to eat fondue because Michael’s professor from UC Davis sent us a $200 gift card for a famous fondue restaurant. My mom came to visit us last month, so we decided it is a time to have a try. I am very excited. When I was in New York, my friends kept telling me how good it is, but I never tried. When they mentioned cheese fondue, they got stars in their eyes.

It was very cold on that day. And it was a perfect time for the family to sit together to have a warm, nice melting fondue. The decoration in the store was dim with red, warm light everywhere. The store smells good. It is different from other traditional restaurants in the US. People usually came here with a big group. I could see people of all ages, from grandparents to grandchildren. There were cute little pots on each table with Cheese inside. At first, I thought will we dip all the meat and vegetables in the cheese fondue tonight? If then how can we eat?  As a Chinese, we seldom ate Cheese. I remember when I was with Bianca in California, she took a slice of cheese and put in the mouth directly. Kind of one of the eastern and western cultural difference I came across in the US,

Swiss Fondue is a three-course meal:

1 Cheese fondue dipping

2 Main course—traditional hot pot

3 Chocolate dessert fondue

The first course is very interesting. The waitress heated the pot and the cheese melted in the pot. She added some cauliflower, carrots, peppers and mushrooms in it. Then we swirled and dipped the bread in the cream cheese pot. It is a completely new experience for us. Never eat like this before! Very excited.

Second course: main course. We ordered seafood, beef and teriyaki chicken. All the food is fresh and marinated already.  I love the lobster and scallops the most. There are many dipping sauces available, sweet and sour, spicy, etc.  We can choose 6 of them and put them in our cute square plates.

Third Course: Chocolate fountain fondue. The pot heated to 150F, and the chocolate melted to liquid form. We dipped strawberry and all sort of fruit in the fondue. It was delicious but too high calorie for us. I don’t think I would want to eat it again. We felt like won’t come here in the future. We left the waitress 50 Dollars tips, the rest of the gift card.

Overall, Swiss fondue, very funny experience but no second time! Love Chinese food better. Respect other culture’s food. 🙂


The year 2016 in a glance

The most heartbreaking moments in 2016

2016 is a tough year for the world. Trump becomes the president-elect of Divided States of America. Brexit: The United Kingdom left the European Union.  Many legend people left us: George Michael/Prince/David Bowie–pop stars, Carrie Fisher-Star War Princess Leia, Rene Angelil-husband of Celine Dion, Actor Alan Rickman- Harry Potter’s Professor Snape, Iris Apfel’s husband, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Bill Cunningham-legendary NY Times City photographer and more. For big companies, Yahoo, Twitter, Samsung, Wells Fargo also have a terrible year. One billion user accounts of Yahoo are hacked.  Samsung Galaxy 7 went up in smoke and fire. Wells Fargo Bank opened 2 million bank accounts or credit cards without customers’ knowledge or permission.  CEO Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, once my role model, net worth this year plunged from 4.5 billion to zero because of cheating the public. ISIS terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium/ Nice, France/ Orlando LGBT clubs, US/ Berlin night market, Germany/ Istanbul airport bombs, Turkey/ shocked the globe. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their split after 12 years and six children together; Zika virus became a global emergency at the beginning of 2016: thousands of babies were born with undeveloped brains. Fatal shootings of police officers skyrocketed in 2016 with 64 deaths. 2016 climate trends continue to break hot records. It has been the hottest year ever recorded.  Numbers of Syria refugees up 675% from 2015, 13,210 in total. Is 2016 the worst year for America, humanity, and our planet?

Highlight moment in 2016

For Michael and me, 2016 has been a good year. Getting married to Michael is the best and most important decision I have ever made. Another thing is I finally graduated from NYU and no need to go back to school anymore. I have spent my last 21 years at school and couldn’t be more bored with it. I love real-life challenge instead of finishing projects and assignments in the ivory tower. Now I am working with great and amazing people – couldn’t be happier. I also become a minimalist and try to control my impulsive consumption behavior. My wardrobe becomes empty and spacious. I have my four wisdom teeth extracted. Thumbs up! I start to read more thought-provoking books. These are positive changes in my life.

2017 New Year Resolution: Quit Social Media

Another thing I keep thinking about recently is why girls in our era worry about liked so much? I grew up with a strong desire of being likable and perfect. I spent most of my time back at home on QQ Zone, Weibo, RenRen, Facebook, Twitter and Wechat trying to build up a likable image. I care very much about how people think of me. I posted too many useless pictures, and words on social media. I believe I will quit social media in 2017 and spend my time on the more important things. I will become 25 years old next year. Many people have already achieved something at this age. Maybe I will start from something small next year and work on it. I am not only want to be a likable person but a thoughtful and powerful female.

What about your 2016 ?

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